The idea of making money from something which you love is nothing new, although it has long been one which has evaded many people such is the difficulty of turning your hobby into a money spinner. There are however many ways in which you can turn your hobby into a real money maker, be it part time or even as a career and photography is one such hobby which can make you a great deal of money. My friend Joshua Manocherian has been living his life as a photographer for many years and making a good income from it, if you want to do the same then here are just some of the ways that you can.


The internet has brought with it many new ways to make money and one of those methods is through setting up your own blog. If you want to make money as a photographer then you can set up  your very own photo blog where you can display your work, once you have reached a high level of traffic to your blog you could make money through advertising or through affiliate sales.

Events and Weddings

For most photographers, events and weddings are one of the best ways in which you can make some money. Weddings in particular will pay a premium for you to spend your day with the happy couple and taking shots of their most cherished moments. Equally, events are a great way to make additional income and as long as you can provide a high quality service, you could make a career out of this kind of work. The beauty of both of these types of jobs is that word-of-mouth is very popular and you could find that you have more and more weddings and events in the future if you do a good job.


There are a great many people out there who would love to get started in photography and you can use your skills to teach them about the industry. You could do this on a  one-to-one basis in person or alternatively you could offer lessons on Skype. you may not be able to forge a successful career from teaching photography but you can most certainly make some money on the side of you day job.

Another great way to impart your knowledge and make money is to upload tutorial videos to a vide sharing website such as YouTube. Thousands of people use these sites to improve their skills and if you have strong knowledge and a good character then you could post tutorials for people to learn fro and then make money by way of advertising revenues.

As long as you are a great photographer and offer an excellent service, there are many different ways out there for you to turn your love for snapping, into a viable career or at the very least, make some good money on the side.

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