There are many factors that impact how much a person needs to pay for car insurance. One big factor is the state you live in. On average, drivers in Idaho only need to pay $88 a month while people in West Virginia have an average monthly rate of $210. Fortunately, no matter where you live, there are ways you can save a ton of money on your insurance premiums. If you are not taking advantage of these discounts, then you are paying much more than you need to.

Compare Rates Before You Buy the Car 

Many people make the mistake of not looking at insurance rates until after they acquire a new vehicle. In actuality, your rates can vary wildly based on the specific car you buy. If you cannot decide between two cars you really want, then it would be in your best interest to see what you will need to pay in insurance for each one. You may discover one will be significantly more affordable to insure than the other.

Have Good Credit

There are many ways to obtain discounts for your insurance. One way to go about doing this is to actively increase your credit rating. You should check your credit score on a frequent basis to see where you stand. If it has increased recently, then it is worth bringing to the attention of your insurance agency.

Bundle Insurances Together

There are numerous types of insurance you can acquire, including long-term disability, life, homeowner’s and health. You should see if you can get all of these insurances from the same company. Some organizations will offer discounts if you get everything from them. You will additionally benefit because you know exactly who to contact when you have a question regarding any of your policies.

Raise the Deductible

You need to be careful when you do this, but for some drivers, it will be a huge advantage. If you raise your deductible in the event you have a claim, then you can get away with paying less in the monthly premiums. If you are relatively confident you will not have claims that often, then you can save a lot of money year after year with this method.

Ask About Discounts 

If you try all of the above to no avail, then you should try to lower your auto insurance premiums by simply asking your agency what discounts are available. Many companies offer discounts, but you need to do some research because they will not tell you about them outright. For example, if you have a teenager you need to put on your policy, then you may be able to keep the insurance costs down with a good student discount. Some agencies will offer you a reduced rate if your teen has good grades.

Saving even a little money on your insurance payments can help tremendously. Even if you only manage to save $10 a month on your premiums, that still comes out to $120 a year. If your agency does not offer any discounts, then it may be time to shop around.

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