The winter holidays are the perfect time to invite all of your friends and colleagues over to your place for a cocktail party. If you have never hosted such a large event before, there is nothing to worry about — all you have to do is you follow some simple steps to make sure that your event will be completely unforgettable.

The first thing you need to prepare is the guest list for your event — consider whether certain social groups will mingle or clash if you invite them to the same party. Also decide whether you want the party to be classy and professional, or if you want the freedom to let loose. If you want an exciting event but don’t want to become the main topic of gossip at the watercooler, you can leave your office-mates off of the party guest-list.

Once you have all the invitations sent out and an estimate of the number of guests, you will need to think about food. The food that you serve should be easy to eat while standing, so anything that can’t be picked up in one hand should be discounted as a possibility. Set out vegetable platters, fruit trays, charcuterie boards and bite-sized appetizers like crackers and tartlets to satisfy savory cravings.

When it comes to desserts, you should also avoid serving anything that can’t be eaten while walking around a room or holding a drink. Mochi ice cream balls would be perfect for your cocktail party because they are bite-sized, delicious and completely unique. You can set out a platter full of different mochi ice cream tastes and colors to please all of your guests — try MyMo Mochi Ice Cream for your party to get amazing flavors like ripe strawberry, exotic green tea or double chocolate mochi ice cream. These sweet frozen treats will be the ultimate crowd-pleaser and conversation starter if you set them up at the dessert table for your cocktail party.

And last but not least, you can’t forget to plan all of the essentials for a cocktail party without thinking about drinks. You should have a bar stocked with various spirits, mixes and garnishes for cocktails, along with plenty of clean glasses. If you can’t hire a bartender, you can set out a table or drink cart covered with all of the bar necessities. You can also leave a simple cocktail recipe book at the bar, so that guests can try their hand at professional mixes.

If you want to throw an unforgettable cocktail party for this upcoming holiday season, you will need to get the basics down first. Be careful about who you select for your guest-list, in order to avoid embarrassing yourself in front of a coworker or boss. Lay out tables full of bite-sized appetizers, unique desserts and cocktail supplies to satiate your guests. With all of your bases covered, you should have an easy time hosting an unforgettable event that will thrill everyone in attendance.

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