If you like to stay in shape then you will know that vacations can be one of the toughest times to stick to your usual fitness plan. Temptation is rife whilst on vacation and it can be easy to slip up and indulge yourself in the many excesses which are on offer to you as you holiday. With this being said, as long as you have the right mindset, you can actually take advantage of the many opportunities that vacations present you with and keep your body in tip-top condition. Here are some tips for staying in shape the next time you go on vacation.

Cut The Booze

Alcohol truly is the devil when it comes to fitness, the empty calories do not serve you one bit and you can guarantee that alcohol will go directly to your belly. When you vacation, it can be very easy to sip a beer in the sunshine or some cocktails on the beach but if you want to keep fit then this is not a good idea and you should aim to have an alcohol-free vacation.

Eat Fresh

If you are heading off to somewhere sunny then you really should take advantage of the fresh fruit and veg that is available to you. There is something about the searing heat that makes fruit far more attractive and most sunny locations grow some of the tastiest and freshest fruit that you can find. You should aim to ramp up your fruit and veg intake whilst you are away in order to help you stay in better physical condition.

Beach Runs

If you are taking a beach vacation then you should take advantage of the beautiful coastline and head off on a  beach run at least 3 times each week. Getting up early to watch the sun rise over the ocean as you run along the shore is one of the most beautiful experiences which you can have on vacation and it will also help you to stay in shape. Planning an early morning run will also help you to avoid alcohol the night before giving you a double win when it comes to your fitness.

Active Adventures

Being on vacation means that you have far more time and opportunities to get involved in some active adventures and it is important that you take these chances. Bike tours, hiking, water activities and sports are all activities which you will find whilst on vacation and not only are they a great deal of fun, they will also help you to stay fit.

Making Meals

Avoid fatty restaurant food and put together your very own meals in your hotel or villa, doing this is cost effective and it can also help you stay in shape. This approach means that you know exactly what you are eating as you will have bought it and put it together yourself.

Staying in shape on vacation is actually not as difficult as it may appear, you just need to avoid the temptation and take advantage of the many opportunities to get active and eat well.

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