The latest data released by The Office for National Statistics (ONS) indicates that approximately 51 per cent of the UK population is currently single. Let’s let that sink in. This equates to almost 18 million adult singletons in the UK alone. Which can only be great news, really, if you’re looking for love.

An issue for British blokes

Yet, while the dating pool is vast and varied, it doesn’t seem to make the dating game any easier for men. In fact, studies have found that men are simply baffled by the dynamics of the dating scene. In fact, according to European research, 47 per cent of ‘single men attribute their longterm singledom to lack of confidence’.  And, you guessed it, it is British blokes that are the most unlucky in love.

Given that men in the UK are only likely to approach a prospective partner if they think they’re truly interested, perhaps the trauma of securing a suitor can be tackled by understanding the way women work? Let’s uncover some tell-tale signs that indicate she’s into you.

8 sure signs that she’s into you

  1. She’ll rearrange if she can’t make it

When you’ve planned a date, being cancelled on can feel like the worst thing in the world. Never fear, however, a girl who’s truly interested will always takes steps to rearrange your rendezvous.

  1. She’ll dress to impress

All women like to look their best. But, if she makes a little extra effort when you’re around, she’s definitely into you. Whether she’s wearing something stunning or has obviously spent a little longer on her makeup, it looks like you’re in.

  1. She’ll ask your advice

Does she regularly need your help with tricky situations? Does she often ask your advice when she could turn to an array of others? Clearly, she’s trying to move your attention onto her.

  1. She’ll get a little close

Body language often gives the ladies away. She may brush against you accidentally on purpose, lean towards you, or tilt her head as you talk. Watch for those little giveaway signs.

  1. She’ll want to know more about you

A woman who’s interested with make every effort to delve a little deeper into the details of your life. She’ll want to know about you, your family, your friends. She’ll make a mental note of your birthday, too!

  1. She’ll take an active interest in your hobbies

This interest extends beyond knowing bits and pieces about your backstory. A woman who wants to get closer, will take an active interest in your hobbies. Yes, even football. Yes, even if she hates it. Finding common ground is gold when it comes to forming relationships.

  1. She’ll ask questions about your free time

Up to much this weekend? Take the hint, invite her along. Perhaps you’re suddenly not doing very much at all, and this opener is your way into arranging an initial date. Take your chances.

  1. She’ll laugh at your jokes

Does she suck up all your comedy efforts? This is definitely a sure sign that she’s into you. It is long established in ‘sexual selection’ that women are more attracted to men who make them laugh. If she’s giggling away, it’s looking good.

Of course just because someone’s into you doesn’t always mean she wants to get married with you. She might just be interested in as bit of companionship, or even some sex with no strings. It is up to you to find out what she wants if you don’t want to wait for her to come out with it, and knowing that she’s into you will definitely help to give you that extra courage to go for it.

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