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Visit any trade show and you’ll clearly see the most-used accessory to enhance booths and stands – a banner. Banners come in all shapes and sizes and are used for specific purposes within the trade show setting, from highlighting companies’ new products to enhancing awareness of their brands. Since banners are one of the most cost-effective and flexible ways to enhance a trade show presence, they are definitely popular. Take a look at these tips for using banners effectively in order to increase your trade show ROI.

Match Your Banner to Your Brand

Banner printing works best when the banner, pop up stand, or pull up stand ably extends the company brand image. This means that design and printing should be consistent with the look and the quality of your products as well as follow the same theme and use the colours most associated with your brand. When you are designing a banner it is most important to ensure that the banner helps enhance your brand image rather than distract from it.

Decide on Your Format

As explained above, banners come in many different shapes and sizes. You can get vertical and horizontal banners as well as banners shaped like flags, or teardrops, or a variety of other configurations. The format of your banner will be determined by the content you are promoting as well as your general brand image and guidelines. Look into whether a banner will be vertically standing and not require any additional support, or whether it will be mounted or tied onto the stand or another structure.

What Size Do You Need?

As a general rule, the bigger the banner the more visible. But that doesn’t mean you automatically need to choose the largest banner you can afford. If your booth is small then a huge banner will look odd. The banner should be able to enhance your brand but it also needs to be well-designed and tasteful. You may also be restricted by the size of your pitch and the requirements of the trade show organisers.

Simple Pictures Are Best

As a good rule of thumb, the simpler the message and the design of the banner, the better. You don’t want to overload the viewer with too much information and you do not want the banner to stand out for the wrong reasons, namely being too cluttered and with too much competing visual content. Your banner should be easy to read with some good amount of white space. It should be focused on one message and it should make use of short headlines and bold images. This will help it, and your booth, stand out from the crowd.

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