Bachelor parties are now a pre-wedding “rite of passage” that enable a groom to enjoy a memorable send-off before settling down to married life. For this reason, looking beyond the US to Europe is becoming increasingly popular because the continent is a treasure trove of amazing cities and exciting party destinations. From outdoor activities and extreme sports to great food and unforgettable nightlife, a bachelor party should take in a variety of activities during a day or weekend. Here are six of the best locations in Europe for 2018 and beyond.


Warsaw is arguably still Europe’s best-kept secret as an ideal bachelor party location as it offers the excitement and variety of activities available at other more traditional city locations, such as Prague, at a fraction of the cost. Drinks in the Polish capital are very cheap, and there is an abundance of clubs and bars for partying hard late into the night. Warsaw is also a beautiful city by day with some incredible Eastern European architecture and notable landmarks including the Palace of Culture and Science, so that you can mix highbrow arts and fun-filled activities with ease.


If you prefer warmer climes, Lisbon is an excellent destination all year round. The warm weather allows numerous activities that are not feasible at other inland city locations in Northern Europe. For example, you can experience the thrill of a trip in a speedboat, a catamaran, and a helicopter before eating and drinking al fresco in the evening. Lisbon has a colorful San Francisco vibe between spring and fall, and the capital’s nightlife matches other major European cities without the high price tag. The street food scene is great, so you can expect to be served fresh seafood, grilled chicken and thirst quenching local beer wherever you go. Average temperatures reach 59oF in January and soar to almost 86oF during the summer months.


Russia will host the World Cup this year, so there has never been a better time to visit some of the country’s diverse urban locations, from Moscow to the stunning port city of Saint Petersburg. The big event is set to get underway on 14 June with the host nation’s game against Saudi Arabia. Another 63 games will be played across the vast country during July. While the USA sadly failed to qualify, there are a host of big names and notable countries to follow in Russia this summer, including pre-tournament favorites Brazil and Germany. Punters who enjoy sports betting online can also bet on all the matches during the event. Russia offers much more than just soccer though, and bachelors will find a selection of very good nightclubs, restaurants, and bars, especially in Moscow.


The capital of Latvia is another up and coming bachelor destination. Riga is known for its award-winning Black Balsams liquor, a traditional alcoholic beverage which can be had on the rocks or mixed with vodka. That is just one of the many delights that await bachelor parties, who will have a plethora of classy entertainment and restaurant options from which to choose. The city center is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site so you can walk through beautiful streets and an Old Town rich in culture during downtime from your wild parties. Unique activities include snowmobiling, which can be followed by a soak, sauna, and a beer. There is even a traditional medieval banquet where you can wear Viking horns and sample an array of local beers. The busy Livu Square is the hub of all things fun with its long line of bars and nightclubs.


Reykjavik is a popular option for bachelors that want something a little different from their travel destinations. The world’s northernmost capital is a perfect winter wonderland with its glaciers, geysers, mountains, and snow, which will cap a picture-perfect day all year round. Notable attractions here include The Blue Lagoon, an outdoor sauna heated by nearby volcanic springs, and Gullfoss, a stunning waterfall. Whether you want to hire a car for an off-road trip, stay wrapped up indoors at a plush locale or visit one of the many bars or restaurants, this Icelandic treasure will not disappoint.


An English-speaking city is always a great option for a bachelor party and there are few in the world that can rival London for its scale of entertainment opportunities and sightseeing. You could spend a day taking in a Premier League soccer game at one of the stadiums in the capital, before going on a party boat trip down the River Thames, and perhaps ending with a trip to a casino or a comedy club.

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