Los Angeles, the city of Angels is home to the entertainment capital of the world. It is one the world’s largest economies and has one of the most recognisable skylines in the world. These and many other reasons are why it is a huge destination for travellers year-round. There is an endless amount to see and do and the warm climate means it is accessible all the time, once you can handle the heat. LA encompasses famous areas such as Beverly Hills, Long beach and Hollywood making it a dream location for fans of famous movie stars and singers. Having such a massive impact on the world means LA has tons to offer its residents and the millions of people who visit every year. Here are just some of the things you can do in LA:

See the city in style:

Being home to many of the worlds rich and famous there are endless ways to see this amazing city. Transport can range from public buses to an affordable LA limo service. What better way to expierence the highlife than to tour the city in a limo or arrive at one of the trendy bars and clubs in style. It might just be for a few hours but the memories would last forever.

For those on a stricter budget, perhaps public transport or a rental car would be a better option. Just make sure you avoid the infamous LA traffic.

Take a unique tour:

There are dozens of tour companies which operate throughout the city and cater for the many unique areas within it. You can try and spot a famous face on one of the many Hollywood and Beverly hills tour buses which will show you some famous homes, the walk of fame and many other areas of interest for film and tv enthusiasts.

If you are more interested in music and the grittier side of LA, then Hood tours would be a better option. This tour, if it is still in operation takes you around some of the infamous areas of LA, many associated with hip hop and gang culture.

Another area that has many tour operators and ways to spend the day is along Muscle and Venice beach. You will see where many movies have been shot and where people such as Arnold Schwarzenegger trained.

Get off the beaten track:

Places such as the Griffith observatory and La brea tar pits are slightly less known and are therefore not as crowded. These are two amongst a host of other locations throughout the city that are hidden gems that should not be missed. In the Griffith observatory, you will see some work by Nikola Telsa and at the pits it is possible to view some of the many animals which have been discovered within the tar.

Just like in the movies Los Angeles has a larger than life character and it should definitely be visited if you have the chance.

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