Anyone who thinks a gift is just a gift has obviously never given a bad one. You, on the hand, let’s just say you have some experience handing off a less than impressive present. With the next birthday, anniversary, or holiday on the horizon, your gift giving anxiety reaches new heights as you try and fail to think of something worthy of their friendship.

As you sweat over your choices, your friends might take page out of Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Gina Linetti’s book and work on their ‘Oh—you shouldn’t have’ faces. Or, perhaps they’re upfront about your bad gift giving habits and have no shame in asking for the receipt.

Your task is hard—harder still when that one particular friend claims he doesn’t need or want anything and refuses to give you even a tiny hint. You only have to rememberthe novelty toaster that imprints emojis on bread from last year or that pair of underwear for their handsfrom theyear before to know you make poor choices under pressure.

If you’re tired of disappointing him with cheesy, useless gifts,there’s a solution and it revolves around the iPhone 7Plus in his hands.Use this handy guide to invest in practical presents he’ll actually enjoy.

  1. Battery Pack


He always tells you hmu, but whenever you pick up your phone to see what he’s up to his is out of batteries. When your buddy has a terrible habit of forgetting to charge his phone, get him a portable battery charger. He won’t have to find a dock or outlet in order to charge the next time you’re in the middle of making plans. As long as you choose an appropriate charger according to the size, lifespan, and wireless capabilities he needs, he can charge while he’s on the go. It’s a two-in-one gift, really. He can post-pone a dead cell and finally get to chat.

  1. AirPod Straps


If you’re tired of hearing that he’s lost his AirPods after they’ve fallen out of his ears for the hundredth time, you need to invest in a pair of AirPod straps—if not as a gift set to impress your friendthen as a present to save you from losing your mind. These straps are the earbud equivalent of the eyeglass chain hipsters wears around their necks. While it doesn’t keep the pods in his ears, it does secure the pods around his neck, so the next time they pop out they’ll dangle on his chest with no chance of getting lost on the ground.

  1. iPhone Plus Skins


Your friend is a unique guy but he just so happens to have one of the most popular phones on the market. Make him stand out from the crowd by designing a customized iPhone Plus skin for his handset. When you shop from the designers at dbrand, you’ll have a huge selection of exclusive colors and textures to choose from, and they’ve made it possible to hand-pick each piece according to hisstyle. The full collection of dbrand iPhone 7 Plus skins include natural finishes like marble, stone, and bamboo— textures you won’t find anywhere else —and vibrant colors like true blue, orange, or red. Take a look around to create the perfect look for his phone.

  1. Screen Protector


Does your buddy have a terrible habit of tossing his Plus into the cup holder of his car where he keeps all of his extra change? Then the chances are high that he’ll end up scratching his precious touchscreen. Save him from damaging the most vulnerable part of the handset by giving him a screen protector. Search out those protectors made from real glass coated in an oleophobic finish, so finger smudges won’t dirty up his screen.

  1. iTunes Gift Card


Most of the gifts listed above will need some forethought. You’ll either need time to find a store that sells these items or time to order them online far enough in advance to accommodate shipping times. If you forget about his special day completely, you aren’t out of luck. An iTunes gift certificate can save you from showing up empty-handed. It’s also a great gift, period. There’s no disappointment when they have complete freedom over how they choose to spend it.

If you’re still haunted by the look on your pal’s face when he opened up last year’s present, avoid the stereotypical gifts. Use this guide to help you find a practical present he’ll actually love, and eliminate your gift-giving anxiety in the process. It’s a win-win.

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