It is true that men lose weight at a faster rate then women. At least, that’s how the situation stands at the beginning of a weight loss program. However, not everything is clear-cut in this matter. While men do seem to have some advantage when it comes to fast fat burning, they aren’t able to maintain the same impressive weight loss rate for long periods of time.

Is Weight Loss Speed Different for Men and Women?

The biochemistry of male and female bodies differs, so it’s only natural that the rate of weight loss is different for them. Our bodies are designed in such a way that men naturally have more muscle mass. And it requires more energy simply by existing.

This means that men naturally burn off more fat cells even when they do absolutely nothing. Another reason why male bodies are able to lose excess pounds faster is the higher rate of testosterone compared to estrogen. This hormonal factor creates quite a few gender differences. One of them is that men have a higher metabolism rate by default. Therefore, they are able to show the results of a comprehensive weight loss program faster.

Do Men Truly Have an Advantage in Weight Loss?

That’s a complicated question and the best answer will be a ‘no’. For all the seeming advantages that men have when it comes to burning off excess weight, long-term studies show that the results even out with time.

This means that while it’s true that following a healthy diet, exercise regimen, and taking diet pills for men can help you start losing weight fast, that rate won’t last. Within about 6 months, men and women following the same program will have lost about the same number of pounds.

Girls just take longer to get there as their metabolism is naturally slower. They also have about 11% more fat than men. It’s believed that this is caused by the fact that a female body must be able to provide nutrition for a child.

Note that even lean women have more body fat by default. This is how their bodies are made of and one needs to understand that when comparing weight loss rates, one shouldn’t focus on this particular measurement.

However, there is an advantage that men naturally have that often makes it seem they are able to achieve weight loss faster. It’s the fact that male bodies usually shed excess pounds at the most noticeable spot, namely the belly.

The ‘flexibility’ of this body part is a mixed blessing as men gain excess weight in the middle faster as well. However, when they start shedding excess pounds, the first area to show improvement will be your belly. As it’s noticeable, people are sure to start complimenting you nearly as soon as you begin with your weight loss program.

There’s also the issue of the increase in heart disease risk associated with excess abdominal fat. Accumulating excess pounds in this area of your body is very unhealthy. So women, who start ‘collecting’ excesses in the thigh area, are safer health-wise.

How to Make the Most of Your Body’s Natural Weight Loss Potential

Regular cardio and resistance training paired with a healthy low-calorie diet and supplemented by appropriate weight loss pills are integral to your success. Being a man, starting a well-balanced weight loss program like this will have you see positive results fast.

However, if you want that impressive weight loss rate to persist, you’ll need to stick with the exercise and diet for the rest of your life. As time goes by, you’ll be able to switch to less strenuous activities than weight lifting. You can also allow yourself an occasional unhealthy treat. The point is to provide your body assistance with tightening its muscles and burning off excessive energy.

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