Getting yourself onto the property ladder can be a very exciting, stressful and curious time and it is important that during the process of buying that first house, that you do things just right. Thankfully there is a great amount of support and information out there for you and we have put together some top tips on the things that you should be thinking about before getting that first house. So whatever stage of the process you were in, here is what you should have considered first.


When I bought my first property, I could not have done it without Woodgrange Solicitors, they took me through each step of the transaction with ease and if you want your purchase to run smoothly then you need to ensure that you have got some great solicitors on your side. The solicitors will deal with things such as the original offer, the movement of money should you be looking to get a mortgage, as well as tying up all of the administration and witnessing the document signing.


Deciding on the property itself can also be pretty tough and you need to expect to spend several hours and days, trooping around and viewing different properties. With this being your first house, money is likely to be the biggest factor behind what you buy and so it will be important to keep things simple and remember that whatever kind of house it is that you buy, you will also need money to fill it with furniture etc. so it is important that you keep some money aside for that.

It is important that you understand that your first house, unless you have money to burn, should be a simple and practical property which you can stay in for a few years. Try not to get too hung up on how well a property will do on the market in the future, obviously you shouldn’t go overboard with how much you pay but aim to focus more on the simplicity of the property and the low maintenance which it can offer.


Working out the budget for how much you can spend on the house is about much more than just looking at how much money you earn and how much you are allowed to  borrow. Here are just some of the expenses which will be involved in the home, aside from the cost of the house itself.

  • Searches
  • Solicitor fees
  • Furniture
  • Decorators
  • Insurance
  • Monthly Bills
  • Installations of internet etc.

There are always additional costs which will sneak in to the process and you should ensure that you are well prepared to deal with whatever should come along through smart budgeting.

Buying a first house is truly exciting and as long as you have budgeted with all of the various factors in your mind, selected a property which fits your needs and that you have a strong solicitor in place to handle your business for you then in no time at all, you will be sleeping in your own bed, in your very own, first home.

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