Breast cancer is very serious and it should not be taken lightly. Women who are aged 40 or older should have a full breast cancer screening every of the Year. Women who have an increased breast cancer risk, for instance due to a family history, should make a mammogram appointment straight away. Companies such as Life Medical Technologies have made the equipment to detect breast anomalies more accurate than ever.

Life Medical Technologies and the Digital Mammogram

Today, most mammograms are digital. This means that an x-ray image is taken and then stored on a computer, usually using RIS PACS.  These images are then stored on a viewer and can be altered and transmitted to relevant professional. Additionally, this new technology means far less radiation has to be used than in the past, which will set the minds of those who believe mammograms actually cause breast cancer at ease.

There have been a number of scientific studies that demonstrated that a digital mammography if you were can help women over 40 but also those who have dense breast tissue, regardless of their age. The compression and positioning of the breast is equal between digital and traditional mammography workstations. And such, the examination itself feels the same. However, the digital imagery is far more accurate and two images can be taken almost instantly, allowing the sonographer and x-ray professionals to zoom in and magnify on certain areas. These images can then be sent on to other professionals such as an oncologist if required.

Before a woman can have a digital mammogram, she does not have to complete any diagnostic tests. Instead, women should have a mammogram every other year, self examine 8 once a month, and asked their family physician to check their breasts every year. At the same time, there are a couple of things to consider before you have your mammogram. Those include:

  • To schedule your appointment on a day when your breast tissue is not tender period the best time is 1 week after your period.
  • To take vitamin E and cut down on caffeine edit drinks for several weeks before you have your mammogram. While it is not quite understood how this works, many women report that the mammogram is far less uncomfortable if they follow these recommendations.
  • To make sure you tell the technician if you have breast implants, if you are pregnant, or if you are breastfeeding. Unfortunately, if you have breast implants, it is unlikely that you will be able to use the latest digital technology because implants can create anomalies on the viewer.

Following your mammogram, radiologist will review the images that were obtained and discuss them with you and, if required with other professionals that form part of your overall medical team. If anything is uncovered on the mammogram, it is possible that more tests will be ordered. It is important to remember that breast cancer has high rates of survival if it is detected on time. This, more than anything else, stresses the importance of regular breast examinations.

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