A massive fire broke out in London and destroyed the 24-story Grenfell Tower. The four broke out in the early morning hours of 14 June. The tower still got destroyed regardless of the fact that there were early responses. More than 200 firefighters attended the scene. The firefighter’s response was quick as they arrived just six minutes after the first calls were made. The fire killed 12 people and left dozens critically injured. There is just one question that everyone has in mind and not can easily understand. The question is just how did the fire manage to spread so quickly and giving residents no chance to escape.

Investigations are still underway to find out what could have caused the fire. Engineers have reached the conclusion that the fire was a result of old the tower technology. They said that a number of factors in the design of the tower caused the rapid speed and size of the fire. Buildings today are being built with detailed requirements for fire safety. We cannot escape technology. Technology is everywhere including in online casino providers. The requirements aid technology with evacuation routes compartmentation and structural fire design. The Grenfell Tower was built in 1974 without the latest technological safety requirements.

The Fire Safety Technological Requirements

Evacuation is the most important part of the design when it comes to fire safety. The evacuation route should be able to allow people in the building to escape as quickly as possible. Some skyscrapers have staircases on the outside to prevent people from getting stuck in corridors. Also giving access to fresh air while escaping.

Another technological design that helps cope with fire outbreaks is correctly designing the fire compartments. This means putting barriers in the building like fire-resistant doors and walls. The compartments are designed differently in line with the purpose of the building. This means that commercial and residential buildings have different compartment designs. Other current designs include refuge rooms at higher stories.

Materials do matter when designing buildings to resist fire. Steel with the help of beams and other materials such as intumescent paints can resist fire for one or two hours.

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