Birthdays are full of surprises. An occasion like these leaves you awestruck, uplifts your spirits, and delights your senses. No matter if it is yours or somebody close, it is awfully a cheerful celebration. Full of joy, love, and laughter, birthdays are one such milestone which becomes memorable with surprises and one of a kind gifts. Many of us begin the special day’s planning long time before the arrival of it and hunt down a priceless present to gift as it can mesmerize our loved ones and leave them speechless.

Following are a few of birthday gift options that can help you narrow down your list and make a grand statement just the way you wanted.

  1. Birthday Cakes

Cakes and birthdays go hand in hand. And there can’t be a celebration without a cake. And no matter whose birthday it is, cakes are the choicest gift you can dazzle your special someone with. Choose a fondant cake in a designer theme such as weightlifting cake or a Minion cake. And if you are looking for birthday cakes for girls, you can simply choose a Minnie cake, a Make-up inspired cake or a Unicorn cake.

  1. A Long Drive

Pack your bags, fill the baskets with scrumptious delights, and take your favorite one onto a special ride to a highway and then to a soulful place. Give your special one some quality time and set their heart racing with music, and other special plans such as a nice brunch that would happen at the end of the drive.

  1. A Personalized Gift

Personalized gifts have become a norm of everyday life. Trending nowadays, these have acquired an eminent place in the hearts of the people as these are the tokens with a meaning. No matter if you pick a cushion, photo keychain, customized mug, tabletop, photo lampshade, or a custom-made wall clock, or a photo coaster, each of these can sweep your loved ones of their feel and land them on cloud nine.

  1. A Midnight Outing

There can be no better surprise than the birthday surprise given at the middle of the night. A midnight surprise is a thoughtful plan that can make wishes come true. A midnight surprise simply conveys how badly you wanted to be the first one to wish your special someone. This idea works best for the people in relationships!

  1. A luxurious Watch

No matter if it is a boy, a girl, a daughter, or a grand-dad, watches are a perfect timeless gift you can adorn their wrist with. However, the real surprise comes when you pick an exorbitant one for them. Save some bucks or shop a luxurious watch at a sale.

So, what’s with the wait, choose one of these and place your order for your special birthday pal.

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