Men’s fashion has taken on an altogether higher level importance than ever before and more and more men look to stay sharp and impress with their style. Fashion doesn’t have an age limit and regardless of whether you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s, there are some tips which can keep you looking fresh dressed and forever in style.

Regardless of whether you are a young lad, a gent who has a family or a working man, dressing sharply can help you feel great about yourself and impress those around you. If you wish to stay sharp through the ages then here are some tips which you can follow to do exactly that.


You’d be stunned at how many men forget the simple method f ironing their clothes and the difference between a crisp item of clothing and a creased one is huge. Nothing says ‘I threw this on this morning’ more than an un-ironed shirt, t-shirt or pair of trousers. Whatever age you are, ensure that your clothes are freshly ironed if you want to look sharp.

Classic Numbers

Fashions and styles will come and go but there are some which will never fade, in the same way that women have their ‘little black dress,’ men have a classic suit which they should invest heavily in, that will see them through the years. Suit never go out of fashion and there is always a necessity on some given day, for you to suit up, buy a great suit and look great for years to come.

Dress Your Age

There is nothing worse than men in their late 40s wearing backwards baseball caps or young 20 year-olds using clothing that you’d expect your dad to wear. Whether you like it or not, fashion in general may not have an age limit per sais but there are age brackets regarding fashion which must be respected. If you wish to still look great in unique t-shirt design, whichever decade you are in, it is important that you dress exactly how men your age should be.

Shiny Shoes

If you want to really stay sharp then a fresh pair of well-made and clean dress shoes can really go a long way. Whether you are wearing jeans or a suit, great shoes can really bring the outfit to life and better still, if you invest in some quality made shoes, they can last you a lifetime.


One of the keys to looking sharp throughout the ages is that you continue to care about the way you look and how you dress. Many men above the age of 30 can be guilty of caring far less about their appearance than say someone in their 20s. If you want to keep looking sharp then you need to keep fashion at the front of your mind.

There is lots of help out there for you if you are looking to say looking sharp as the years roll on and men’s magazines are there to help you keep your style as you age.

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