Kevin and Maria Cobb founded Five Star Vacation Rentals some time ago. They love Southern California and wanted to make it their business to help others enjoy the area. Hence, they now offer vacation rentals across that part of the state, focusing particularly on La Quinta, Big Bear, Mammoth, and Newport Beach. For Maria Cobb Newport Beach is one of the best areas to go because it has a central location. However, she feels there are plenty of other things to do in that area as well.

Maria Cobb Newport Beach Properties

Kevin and Maria Cobb have started an excellent business. All of the vacation rentals they offer go through a stringent rating and review process before being added to their collection. They take the business of enjoyable vacations very serious and they love that they play a role in developing lasting lifetime memories for their guests. Not only do they offer the best properties, therefore, they also focus on ensuring people know what to do and where to go once they are there.

Examples of Places to Visit

The list of things to see and do in the area is almost endless. Frank and Maria Cobb like to focus on the unexpected in particular, however. Hence, they recommend:

  1. A visit to Lake Tahoe in the summer. Lake Tahoe is a global skiing destination and it is absolutely fantastic. Anyone who enjoys skiing, snowboarding, or tubing will love it. However, the summer is also a fantastic time to visit it, not in the least because it is much less busy. There are lots of opportunities for rafting, boating, and lazy days by the lake. For the more adventurous, there are outdoor hikes, rock climbing opportunities, and more.
  2. Santa Monica Pier, which is great for those who want to chill on the beach or who want to play some beach volleyball. Not to be missed is the Venice Beach Ocean Front, which is fantastic for a stroll. There are lots of interesting things to see and do.
  3. Malibu, which everybody knows for the fantastic coastline and for its very famous residents. Perfect for a bit of celebrity spotting.
  4. Newport Beach, a personal favorite for Kevin and Maria Cobb, which gives people the opportunity to mingle with the rich and wealthy for the duration of their stay. Needless to say, the vacation rentals themselves are truly five star here as well. In fact, this is where the business got its name.
  5. Los Angeles, which is great for those who want to experience the big city but who want to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere at the same time. Because it is such a huge city, however, it is recommended to either go with a guide or to have a properly planned itinerary available.

Five Star Vacation Rentals has a range of properties available that people can use as their base while they explore this part of the country.

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