A soft and fluffy bed is what one needs to get a nice sleep. After all, your bed can be your favorite spot in your whole home since it relaxes your body and provides a good night’s sleep. And, more important than the bed, is the bedding itself, the comforting sheets. Plus, your bedding can also enhance your bedroom décor. In this article, we’ll tell you how you can choose the right bedding according to your lifestyle.

What is the thread count?

There is a common saying that the higher the thread count is in bedding, the softer the sheets are. However, you should know that 400 threads are enough in sheets, particularly during the summer season. This is because more thread count means more body heat will be trapped in the sheets since it becomes hard for the air to pass through the weave. You should opt for 200 to 400 thread counts in bedding. This will offer you a smooth, breathable, and soft feel, which, in turn, will result in a good night’s sleep.

What about the materials involved?

Bedding comes in varied materials. However, if you want to opt for a cool material, then you must opt for organic ones. This is for those people who get sweaty or warm at night. Natural materials include linen, bamboo, and cotton. These materials help in wicking away perspiration.

Testing whatever you buy

No matter what type of bedding you purchase, you should always test it out. There are a lot of stores that offer sample sets that are not in packaging. You can try these out by experiencing the feel of the fabric by touching it to your skin. If you feel it coarse or prickly, then it is better not to buy it since it will be uncomfortable on your bed as well. If you are looking for the best beddings and mattresses, visit this website.

Choosing the right pillow

Pillows are available in varying sizes. The size of pillow you buy depends on the size of your bed. For instance, there are Euro pillows, which measure 26/26 inch. Then, there are King pillows, which measure 20/36 inch. Other than this, there are standard or sleeping pillows, which measure 20/30 inch. You can also buy accent or decorative pillows, which vary in sizes but are usually in 16/16 inch and 18/18 inch size. One other pillow type is a neck-roll pillow, which comes in a cylinder shape with a size of 6.5/13 inch.

The best cotton

The best cotton available in the market is 100% Egyptian cotton and the second in line is the 100% Pima cotton, which is also referred to as Supima. Therefore, if you find 100% cotton written on bedding, then you must know that it is American upland cotton, which is rough and inexpensive. It all depends on your budget as to which type of cotton you choose. Even upland cotton is good if you do not want something expensive and long-lasting.

So, these are a few pointers to consider while buying the perfect bedding that matches your lifestyle. This includes everything in bedding, including the fabric, pillows, etc. Keep these considerations in mind whenever you look for your new bedding as per your preferences.

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