Business these days can be scary for those not accustomed to its frenetic pace. It has gone global for even small businesses, as it is vital to not only meet people within your community and your field, but on the international stage as well.

Peter Benedict St Andrews has chosen to adapt to these heady times, embracing technology so he can keep in touch with people from across the country and around the world. As a result, his presentation and photo booth businesses have thrived.

Want to catch up to the 21st century? This post will teach you everything you need to make it in the world of work in 2017.

1) LinkedIn is a necessity these days

If you want to make a splash through networking in today’s world, it all starts with your LinkedIn account. Going to conferences, putting your best foot forward, and passing on contact information are all still important, but not having a LinkedIn profile will make you look like a dinosaur in the eyes of others.

This is part of the progression of technology – we barely use snail mail anymore thanks to e-mail, and we socialize far more on Facebook than in person (hmmm … maybe technology isn’t changing all aspects of our lives for the better).

It may be technically possible to make a living without LinkedIn, but doing so would be like trying to function with one arm tied behind your back. Want to succeed? Get on LinkedIn and learn the ropes. No excuses.

2) Flex your creative muscles

A university degree and a smile won’t cut it these days. Competition from peers, workers overseas, and even artificial intelligence is making things tougher for the average worker. Mediocrity is no longer good enough.

You need to find a way to rise above the rest. Find out what you do best and get weird with it. While the normies may sneer at you, you will get noticed easier by those who could use your chops.

3) Get introduced by your friends

Got a friendly on the inside of a company you want to join? Get them to introduce you to someone with decision-making power.

You might not like putting people on the spot, but so long as they know you have the skills to get the job done right, they will be in no danger describing you in glowing terms to their superiors.

When you meet the contact you have been set up with, impress the heck out of them. Even if you don’t make it into the company on your first try, you will be in line for any future openings, and your friend’s good name will remain intact.

4) Go the extra mile for networking contacts

Upon meeting someone you wish to have a working relationship with, offer them assistance without asking anything in return.

While it may put you under strain, the value you deliver will set the table for business which will bear financial benefits for both you and them.

Those who go in asking for money right away are often seen as moochers – don’t be that person.

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