You’re sick of living a single life and would love to find Mr. or Ms. Right? And the only thing standing in your way is your lack of self-esteem? Here are some useful tips and tricks to build up your self-confidence for dating.

You’re not alone … literally!

To kick things off, here are some good news for you! There are many other singles out there feeling just like you at this very moment. Let’s crunch some numbers to begin with: According to the United States Census Bureau, around 109 million people (over the age of 18) lived a single life in 2015. This number has risen even further during the last year! 109 million persons make up for roughly 45% of the entire population in the USA. 63% of these singles are women.

Then there are some other facts, which just show how many lonely hearts in the USA are looking for the perfect match. According to a survey of the Pew Research Center, more than 15% of all American adults have used dating apps or dating websites in 2016. Compared to 201,3 that’s an increase of 4%.

So, there you have it! You’re not alone. And rest assured that among those many singles you’ll find countless women who – just as you – lack that last little bit of self-confidence to get things going. Here is what you can do to change that …

Get dating hacks from a real pro!

And we’re not talking about a super cool, hip, and eloquent guy who promotes his ingenious tips on a YouTube channel. Or who will share his “guaranteed successful dating tricks” with you during a workshop … for a couple of hundred dollars an hour. We are talking about a beautiful, open-minded top model! A dream lady who will not only be there exclusively for you, let you flirt like no tomorrow, give you some real advice and – the best part! – will eventually thank you in a very sensual way for being a gentleman.

Keep in mind that you can boost your self-confidence with this dating tip wherever you are. No matter if it is in your home town or while traveling abroad.

So, imagine you’re on an over-night business trip. You have some time on your hands after a meeting, and you would love to meet up with a gorgeous lady who could not only show you around town but also give you some professional advice about dating. All you need to do is pick up your phone and let a VIP escort service arrange a date with one of the stunning beauties who offer girlfriend experiences via the agency. Even if this kind of dating training comes at a price, it’s worth every cent. These smoking hot girls are much more than just an erotic playmate you hire for a couple of hours. They are actually like a really good friend with benefits. And these kinds of arrangements come with absolutely no strings attached. You can practice being around a beautiful lady, talking to her without the fear of being rejected. Every bit of experience you’ll gain from this date will make you more calm and self-confident the next time you’ll want to talk to a woman.

Use speed dating events as your training ground

In a time before dating apps like Tinder & Co., speed dating events where one of the best and easiest ways to meet fellow singles. Although these events are not as “en vogue” as they used to be, they’re still around. The idea is simple: During a speed dating event you’ll be introduced to several ladies (in average between 6 and 12) and have just a couple of minutes of time for a small chat with each one of them. During this time, you fill in a match sheet which lets you see in the end which of the ladies could be a fit. The initial hurdle of having to approach a woman and start a conversation does not exist – everyone here is single and most probably just as nervous as you are.

If you’re generally a guy who lacks self-confidence for dating, these speed dating events are great to practice, don’t go there with the objective to meet the girl of your dreams – although it might very well happen – but to exercise talking to women. The more girls you’ll talk to, the more comfortable you’ll become doing so. Just go for it and try out different approaches. You’ll soon find out that talking to girls is not that tricky after all. If you feel awkward at any time, relax! It will pass after a few minutes, because then it’s time to meet a new lady with whom you might click in a heartbeat.

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