If you go online, a quick Google search for skincare products will show results around women’s products. This is because skincare in the past was mostly associated with beauty – something that men supposedly care very less about.

The genetic and environmental factors that affect men’s and women’s skin are different. Therefore, dermatologists and cosmetologists need to approach the skincare routine for males and females differently, as shown in various researches.

In recent years though, new researches by the doctors show the importance of having healthy skin, so more men have taken an interest in caring for their skin.

The new interest men are showing towards skincare has resulted in more products being available for them. One of these is Particle.

What makes Particle interesting is that it has scientifically proven-to-work ingredients (we’ll see some of the key ones in one face cream; it is also suitable for all skin types. Many skin problems can arise from too much exposure to UV rays; if you have one of these, Particle can reverse your skin to how it looked before and thus replace a skin-rejuvenating product.

This face cream can also reverse the effects that aging will put your skin through like wrinkles and sagging, replacing an anti-aging product. Another problem that men face is that after shaving some of them experience an irritation that turns their skin red, Particle can soothe this pain and replace a product for razor burn.

Particle is open about the particles they put into their face cream.

The fact that men have skin that’s rougher and thicker than women’s is always on these biochemists’ minds when they’re making Particle; let’s see some of the ingredients they used and look at studies or proof to check if they are actually proven to work.

Jojoba oil

One of the many benefits that jojoba oil provides to the skin is that it’s good at retaining moisture because it acts directly on the skin’s protective barrier. Jojoba oil also helps protect your skin from the formation of microbes and fungi on it; this is how it helps your skin to fight off acne, dandruff, and bacterial infections.

Some studies show how this oil can help manage pathogens like salmonella, E. coli, and candida. It also has high concentrations of vitamin E that can help your body regulate toxins and environment-induced oxidative stress.

Jojoba oil is also chemically similar to sebum, which is an oily substance that’s secreted by your skin to stay moisturized.

Shea butter

Shea butter is another ingredient that improves this face cream’s moisturizing effect as its rich in fatty acids like stearic, linoleic and oleic acid. This butter also has anti-inflammatory properties as its plant esters can trigger inflammatory cells like cytokines to reduce their production. This means Shea butter can minimize the effect of skin irritants like dry weather and eczema.

Even though Shea butter comes from a tree nut, it doesn’t have a lot of the allergy-causing proteins that are prevalent in these types of nuts. This is what makes Particle suitable for all skin types; also, there are no medical documents with records of allergies on the topical use of Shea butter.


The topical use of this water-soluble ingredient that’s also known as vitamin B3 or niacinamide, has proved to be effective at improving skin elasticity. It’s also good at improving sallowness (yellowing of the skin), red blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Research shows that nicotinamide can help accelerate the production of collagen and ceramides in your skin. There’s also proof that this ingredient can improve your skin’s keratinocyte differentiation to make your skin look better and improve how its barrier functions.

When your skin’s barrier is at its best, it will be better at fighting off the stress that the environment causes. When this daily stress is not managed, your skin will lose its radiance and look older.

Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate

This ingredient is a type of Vitamin C that’s made by mixing isopalmitic acid with the pure form of this vitamin. This vitamin is oil-soluble and since your skin has a protective layer that is a lipid, it allows Vitamin C to penetrate your skin faster.

Absorbing this vitamin will help lighten dark spots on your skin and other discolorations. This vitamin also increases UV protection and can help with protecting your skin from sun damage. This ingredient can be a little abrasive when it goes through your skin’s oily layer.

The Shea butter in Particle will prevent this, though, to make sure that you benefit as best you can from this vitamin without experiencing any harm.


Pentavitin ingredient is a 100% plant-based product that’s chemically similar to a carbohydrate complex that occurs naturally on human skin. This ingredient binds easily onto your skin and this is what’ll ensure instant moisture retention in your skin.

Once this ingredient binds onto your skin, it’ll hang onto it for 72 hours. This is what’ll keep your epidermal cells well hydrated and your skin barrier in pristine condition.

How to use The cream

To benefit fully from this face cream’s ingredients, you have to squeeze out a small amount of Particle onto your hands. You will now have to take this and rub it all over your face, while doing this, be sure that you rub the cream meticulously on wrinkle-prone areas such as the forehead and the area around your eyes.

Particle works best if you use it before you sleep and, in the morning, if you use it twice a day every day, you’ll start seeing results in a week or three weeks. Seeing the results of using this face cream could take longer or shorter, depending on your skin type and the condition it’s in.

The good news is that people will notice that your skin is changing as soon as you start using Particle. People will only see how your skin has benefitted from using Particle without noticing that there’s a product you’re using. This is because Particle is colorless and it goes deep inside your skin without leaving any residue or unnecessary sheen.

Money-back guarantee

If you aren’t happy with the Particle face cream, you can always get your money back if you return it in less than 30 days from your purchase date. The fact Particle offer money back, plus their ingredients are natural and have been proven to work is a definite upside here. Our verdict is – this is a go!

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