Australia is an amazing place, without a doubt. It is one of the countries in the world that represents freedom and democracy. It welcomes people of all cultures with an open arm. Nature is one of a kind throughout the entire world (Australia is the native home of the Kangaroo!). Our history is special and our culture one of a kind. And as you travel this vast continent/island, you will soon find there is no reason to become bored here – there is just too much to do.

And as the fourth largest city in Australia, Perth is full of things to do for all ages and walks of life. Whether you are entertaining business guests from out of the country or going on a night out with the mates, here is my list of some of the best things to do in Perth.

1. Explore Fremantle, Night or Day

Sitting right outside of Perth, Fremantle is a port city famed for its eclectic mix of artsy and alternative types. Filled with all sorts of music and art, you will find a nice choice of eateries and pubs to choose from. While you are wondering around the harbour, take a tour of the old Fremantle Prison Tunnel. And look out for the ghost, it’s said to be haunted.

  1. Make Some New Animal Friends at Caversham Wildlife Park

This family owned wildlife park has the largest collection of private collection of natural wildlife in Australia. Unique plants, birds, reptiles and mammals (red fox, dingo, llamas, Echidna), including marsupials (bats, wallaby, kangaroo, wombat and koala), which are usually visitors’ favourites.

  1. Enjoy the Beauty and Majesty of Cottesloe Beach

Western Australia (WA) is one of the least populated places in the country, but the beauty of its coastline and ocean waters make it a very popular place to go for those looking to surf, snorkel, swim, fish, or about any other type of water related recreational activity. It also has a large variety of wildlife to observe while you’re at it. This is a great place to bring guests for a wind-down moment.

One of the most well-known beaches in Perth is Cottesloe Beach. Its wonderful golden sand beaches stretch from Mudurup Rocks from the north to the southern rocks of Swanbourne Beach. It is one of Australia’s favourite places for swimming, snorkelling, and scuba diving.  Along with the beach, surrounding grass areas make it the perfect place to enjoy a picnic or lay down and watch the sunset over the Indian ocean.

  1. Explore the Margaret River Region

To reach the wonderful area of the Margaret River region, all you need to do is travel three hours from Perth. There you will find great wildlife spotting opportunities such as Kangaroos. While you are there you can do some wine tasting. This area is world famous for producing some of the best wines you’ll taste. And be sure to bring your camera because there is plenty to capture.

  1. Some Fun for Those With a Naughty Side

For those who are looking for a more upmarket experience off of the books, you can find beautiful, classy topless waitresses in Perth at Nicola Buck Entertainment. Western Australia has a very active night life full of great liqueurs and even greater people. You will never find a dull moment at night.

Perth is known around the globe for being a favorite spot for enjoying the nightlife. Once was considered by most as “dullsville” (no joke) has now received a 95.5 percent overall positive rating globally for its fun.

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