Weight loss always seems like a grueling mission. We always imagine it as a difficult task that most people fail or they succeed but end up gaining, even more, weight later on. These thoughts about slimming down the stem from inadequate and unhealthy methods that are popular today. Successful weight loss requires a well-balanced diet and regular exercise, but some products can be used to speed things up. Dietary supplements deliver natural ingredients to help burn fat and drop a few pounds, but it’s not easy to choose an ideal product. With Phenocal, you don’t need to try any other product – it is the best and easiest way to burn fat and this post shows why.

Why and how to use weight loss products?

Despite wide popularity, there are still numerous misconceptions about weight loss products. They are presented as magical solutions that will take away excess weight instantly. Weight loss doesn’t work like that. These products use natural and powerful ingredients to speed up a user’s metabolism to allow faster calorie burn and loss of fat, particularly in the stubborn abdominal area.

Weight loss products, including this one, are intended to be incorporated in a healthy lifestyle i.e. you should never rely on them only and avoid making an effort with diet and exercise. To get the most out of diet pills, it is mandatory to take them according to dosage instructions and combine them with nutrition plan or physical activity efforts.

These products are primarily suitable for people who have been struggling to achieve attainable and meaningful weight loss with standard approaches. Also, people who are into the holistic lifestyle and those who want to experience effects in a natural manner can benefit from weight loss products.

What is Phenocal and does it work?

Basically, Phenocal is a weight loss supplement formulated by a brand called Pharmaxa Labs. The supplement is marketed as #1 rated weight loss product that comes with the most potent fat-burning ingredients ever developed. Besides allowing users to lose weight and burn fat, the supplement also promotes consumption of a well-balanced diet through appetite suppressing properties. How? When your appetite is suppressed, you are less likely to crave unhealthy food.

This item also works to speed up metabolism, the vital factor of successful weight loss, and to maximize your workout performance. As a result, you get the maximum of every exercise you do. Unlike many supplements which are formulated either for men or women, this product is created for both sexes who are looking for quality products.

Directions for use

In order to get the most out of this supplement and achieve quick weight loss in a safe manner, you should adhere to recommended dosage instructions religiously. The manufacturer recommends taking three capsules twice a day with a full glass of water. You should take the capsules once in the morning (about 15 minutes before breakfast) and four hours later i.e. before your mid-afternoon meal. You should never increase/decrease dosage without consulting your physician.

Does Phenocal work for weight loss?

The short answer would be – yes, but you need more details than this. The weight loss supplement provides numerous benefits including enhanced fat burning, appetite suppression, faster metabolism, and allows users to slim down without jeopardizing their health. What makes it so beneficial for your waistline? The secret is in powerful formula wherein one of the main ingredients is green tea leaf. Studies show that green tea has a positive impact on weight loss and weight maintenance due to catechins which allow you to burn more calories and shed fat.

Other ingredients in the formula include:

  • Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B2, B12 – improved transformation of starches and sugars into energy forms, improved athletic performance, and assists in body’s ability to break down foods, assistance in fat-burning and energy-producing functions
  • Biotin – assists in breakdown of food
  • Chromium – lessens cravings
  • Fucoxanthin – boosts metabolism
  • Glucomannan – suppresses appetite, lowers blood glucose
  • Cocoa extract – increases alertness, suppresses appetite, promotes thermogenesis, and boosts energy levels
  • Hoodia Gordonii – appetite suppressing properties
  • 5 HTTP – improves overall weight loss efforts
  • Bioperine – increases bioavailability of substances to allow them to deliver its full benefits to your body
  • CLA or conjugated linoleic acid – promotes fat loss

Is Phenocal safe to use?

Phenocal utilizes a range of naturally extracted ingredient in its effective formula; thus the risk of experiencing side-effects while using this product is very low. Potential users should consult the label of the product to ensure they are not allergic to any of the ingredients before using the product, but no reports of potentially harmful side-effects or allergic reactions have been reported as yet.

When can I expect results?

We always want these products to show results instantly, but weight loss requires more time and doesn’t occur overnight. Although incredibly successful product that helps thousands of clients lose or manage their weight, you should still be patient. Weight loss and fat burn results vary from one person to another. Bear in mind that the product is designed to help speed up weight loss goals, not to replace other important factors. A healthier diet and more frequent exercise are your best bet to slim down. Ideally, your results should be visible in 1-2 weeks, but you should strive to take the product regularly to keep up your healthy waistline.


Diet pills are the most commonly used dietary supplements which is why it can be tricky to find an ideal product. If you are looking for a truly effective supplement to slim down and burn fat, then you’ll benefit from diet pills released by Pharmaxa Labs. The driving force behind the efficacy of this supplement are powerful ingredients and an amazing reputation. See it for yourself, get Phenocal today.





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