Ensuring that your house move is successful comes down to the preparation and if you can invest a little time and effort into the planning stage, your house move will go like a dream. People say that moving home is stressful and whilst the searching for, and purchasing of a new property, not to mention selling your old place may be stressful, your loving day should be far from it.

The first thing to ensure is that all of your boxes are ready for moving day, make sure that you’ve enlisted a great local removal company which you can find on a site like Shiply, and then you will be ready to go. Here are some great tips for how to get prepared for your house move.

Keeping Rooms Together

As you box up each room, make sure that those boxes stay together so that you can easily unpack the boxes in the new home. Some people like to separate fragile boxes and heavy boxes from one another and that is fine, so long as you keep them together depending on which room in the house they are from. This is super simple to do, and it will greatly help you when the time comes to move.

Colour Coding

Keeping the boxes together for each room may not be easy, especially when there are many hands moving boxes from one place to another. A simple tip to help you in this situation, is to colour code each room in the property, and then attach the same colour onto each box which needs to go there. A simple highlighter will do the trick and it will ensure that once you get to your new place, you know exactly what box goes where.

Heavy Duty

Don’t leave your large and heavy items until moving day, instead look for the first opportunity to install them in the new home. The reason for this is that it is much easier to manoeuvre a sofa into the new home when it is empty, than when it has been filled with boxes. Equally, you may need to remove windows or doors to put your large items in the property, this is the last thing which you’ll need on moving day and serves as yet another reason why it is better to do it earlier.

Call in the Reserves

Even if you use professional movers, many pairs of hands from your friends and family, will definitely make light work of your moving day. In terms of preparation, you need to ensure that you are asking these people for help, well in advance of the big day. This is likely to take up a lot of the person’s time and so giving them plenty of notice ahead of time can make sure that they are going to be free to be able to help you. Making last minute calls is not the best way to go about getting people to help you move home.

And there you have it, simple preparation leads to an even simpler moving day.

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