The actual travel part of a journey is one of the most difficult parts of any trip. You want to be at your destination and get involved in the activities that you are there for, however, getting to your location and exiting it is probably the most difficult part. One place where stress can reach boiling point is the airport, you must deal with luggage, other passengers, airport staff and when you eventually exit the building, how to reach your final location. We know there are a plenty of options available on how to get from A to B, below we will look at two types and the pros and cons of these modes of transport and you can choose which one best suits your needs.

Public transport:

This is usually a bus or in more developed regions a train line. Depending on your location the benefits can vary widely. In more developed countries, the transport will be clean, safe and on time. This will allow you to plan a route beforehand and save you time in the airport. The major drawback of this though is cost. For example, a one-way ticket from Toronto international into the city will cost you $18, if you’re on a budget or just stopping over this is a pretty big expense. Not all cities are the same though and it is your responsibility to check ahead.

In all countries, some more than others, safety on public transport is a major concern, you do not want to arrive in a new location and immediately fret over the safety of yourself and your belongings. Language barriers can also cause difficulty in locating the correct route and the length of time it will take to get there.

Private Hire:

This is probably the most convenient way of getting from the airport to your next location with the least amount of hassle. You simply must find a company in the area you are travelling to a book a private hire car for people in your party. You will not have to worry about haggling a price or finding the route to your destination. Most of the time the driver will meet you in the terminal, help with your bags and have the vehicle nearby. Especially when arriving into a new area this is the best mode of transport, you will not have any safety concerns and you can spend time planning the rest of your journey. Many private hire companies can assist you with this also.

The cost of hiring a private car is probably the only downside, but a price cannot be put on safety and comfort. Of course, when you are in a group the cost will also always be lower.

Here are two methods of transport to help you find your way from the airport, both have their pros and cons. It is up to you to decide what best suits your needs, wants and budget.

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