Apple and Samsung are two of the biggest names running the smartphone industry worldwide today. In fact the two companies are in stiff competition with each other as one company tries to outdo the other. And that definitely makes any comparison of smartphones from the two companies an interesting activity. It is only fair that when comparing smartphones from the two companies, one should consider similar models especially in terms of product design and the product release dates. Unfortunately, Samsung and Apple seem to be very careful not to release new products at the same time- probably in order to avoid comparisons like this one- and their releases are usually about six months apart on average.

Two of the latest smartphones from Samsung and Apple are the Samsung S8 and iPhone 7 respectively and below is a detailed comparison of the two.


Both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7 are not cheap phones. But you probably know that already so let’s just say you are likely to pay more for the former than for the latter. At the time of this comparison the lowest price for the Galaxy S8 stood at $680 while the iPhone 7 was going for about $90 less. Of course you will have to pay more if you need more than the lower 32GB memory.


In terms of RAM the Galaxy S8 beats the iPhone 7 hands down. It has 4GB of RAM, twice as much as the RAM in the iPhone 7. Internal memory for the Galaxy S8 stands at 64GB. For the iPhone 7 the internal storage varies depending on the specific phone. Available are phones with 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB of internal storage and you can choose the one that meets your needs. However the memory on the iPhone 7 is not expandable and that gives some advantage to the Samsung Galaxy S8 although it has a meager 64GB of internal storage. This memory is expandable and users can increase it through the use of a microSD card.



Both phones come with elaborate security measures and both feature fingerprint recognition which users can use to secure their handsets. Most users however are of the opinion that the iPhone 7 does better as its fingerprint pad is conveniently located on the front face of the phone. They find that the location of the S8’s pad at the back of the phone is not just inconvenient but also looks rather awkward. However, the S8’s redeeming factor in terms of security is the fact that it also features iris identification through which the phone has to check eyes of users and positively identify them before they can be given access. This feature is not present in the iPhone 7 so maybe it’s a draw on this one.


One of the most striking features about the Samsung Galaxy S8 is how they managed to fit such a large screen onto a small phone. The iPhone, on the other hand, retains a design similar to what we have come to be used to with the iPhones. And that tells you it is also probably more resilient, more durable and likely to last longer than the S8. But taking away the headphone jack is a move that most iPhone lovers might find difficult to swallow. It presents a problem for users who happen to misplace or even completely lose the Lightning headpiece. You only get one and keep in mind that the market for any Lightning devices/ gadgets is quite limited so finding a replacement may not be easy. The S8 comes with the good old headphone jack to this one as to count as a win for the smartphone.

It is important to remember when comparing Samsung versus Apple phones that technology is always changing and improving so one company might have an advantage over the other based purely on the time of comparison. If, for example, Samsung was to launch a new phone today and Apple launches 6 months from now, chances are that the new Apple phone will probably be more advanced in terms of technology. In the comparison above, Samsung was the last to release and so it is no wonder that the S8 seems to be beating the iPhone 7 on several fronts.

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