Outdoor enthusiasts love Jeeps. Jeeps can be used for all road conditions depending on the type of tires installed and Jeeps are very practical and useful vehicles to have around in times of emergency. You can change the style and appearance of your Jeep just by adding the right parts to your vehicle. Starting from the top, you can choose the type of removable tops to change the style and look of your Jeep. There are the soft and the hard Jeep tops you can choose for your Jeep.

Soft top is considered the most popular type of top which can be easily and conveniently removed or replaced by yourself. The soft top protects you from the sun and rain, or other objects that might come your way. With a soft top, you can even open it when the weather is fair to enjoy the cool breeze. These soft tops are made of tough materials and they come complete with roll back sunroofs, storage pockets, and etc. Soft tops are less expensive than hard tops but they are not designed for extreme weather because their soft materials cannot keep out the cold and they can be noisy traveling at high speeds.

Hard top is durable and is able to provide protection from the extreme cold weather. The hard tops are made from hard materials and they are stronger and more durable than the soft tops. Hard tops are available in one piece or 2-piece versions. Hard tops are much heavier than the soft tops and you will need help to install the hard top onto your Jeep. Hard tops cannot be folded up like the soft top and will take up storage space.  If you are thinking of switching from a soft top to a hard top for your Jeep, you will have to first check out the size and get a matching fit.

Having the right wheels is important to outdoor enthusiasts who frequently take their Jeeps for off road adventures. There are steel and aluminium Method wheels to choose from. Steel wheels are much cheaper than aluminium wheels but aluminium wheels are much lighter than the steel wheels. These wheels usually come in various sizes of 15”, 16”, 17, and 18” and your choice of the type and size of the wheels will depends on your preference.

All off road vehicles should be installed with a winch. Truck winches are practical tools in times of emergency for recovery purposes. Different winch is specially designed for different purposes. You can choose from the many electric, hydraulic, and ATV winches and winch accessories available on 4wheelparts.com or other websites.

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