Baltimore, MD is home to a variety of beauty and health clinics, including Sono Bello, that have charged themselves with helping people look their very best. A quick review of the many comments and reviews left by other people reveals that these clinics are incredibly helpful for those who dont feel happy in their own amp skin. Unsurprisingly, Baltimore, MD is also often the place where new medical techniques are tried regularly, one of which is daxibotulinumtoxinA, also known as the “new Botox”. Here, Sono Bello reviews just what this is and how it can help.

Sono Bello Reviews the New Botox

The new botox has proved itself to be far more efficient than regular botox, not in the least because the treatment lasts for longer period one study shows that it was particularly good at treating the glabellar lines. The latest study was a double-blind study conducted across 9 different settings,  in which 268 individuals took part, each with moderate-to-severe glabellar lines. The severity of these lines was measured every 4 weeks for a 24 week period after treatment.

The results were impressive! 100% of participants noticed an improvement of at least one point comma which is greater than regular botox. The duration response was also much longer comma averaging at around 20 weeks, compared to just under 19 for Botox and 0 weeks for a Placebo. Furthermore, only a single patient experience the side effect, which was a minor migraine that did not last long. The conclusion, therefore, is that the new botox is more effective, lasts longer, and is better tolerated.

What the new botox does not do however comma is treat the various other conditions that regular botox can be used for. For instance, no positive effects was noted on the treatment of excessive sweating, and rather than resolving migraines, it caused them, albeit in only one person.

It looks as if the new botox will soon be the only botox still used for the treatment of global Airlines. However, it has not yet received FDA approval, which means that it is not legally offered to anybody just yet. However, it is expected that once it will be approved, Baltimore, MD, will be one of the first places where clinics will carry it. Further research does also have to be conducted in the effectiveness of the new Botox on lines other than global Airlines, including crow’s feet, smoking lines, laughter lines, and so on.

That being said, there is noted excitement in of the clinical community and that of people who enjoy botox treatment. Once approval has been received, more and more people will be able to look younger than ever before, for a longer period of time as well. While both Botox and the new botox have limited side effects, it is always best to have a few procedures as possible, thereby avoiding whatever risk does exist.

Sono Bello, among other clinics, is monitoring developments to ensure that, once the new Botox is approved, they will be able to offer it.

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