From published medical reports, it is clear that an estimated 15.4% of acute care patients suffer from pressure ulcers. In fact, the incidence of a similar disease has increased in the last ten years or so by as much as 62%. According to, this is common among aged patients who are admitted to nursing homes, hospitalized or those patients receiving treatment for spinal care injuries. Certainly, it seems weird as to how despite a steadily growing awareness that pressure ulcers in seniors may have on the quality of life, the frequency of patients who are getting admitted to the hospitals have not decreased in recent years even by the faintest of margin. Furthermore, it is even more worrisome to realize that the sequence of events resulting in pressure ulcers may be initiated within only a couple of hours or so of immobility – basically one type of an induced pressure. The aim of similar studies carried out from time to time is to gauge a fairer degree of an estimate of pressure ulcers (PrUs) in the aged population of the society.

If you are on the lookout for a proper treatment plan dedicated towards pressure ulcers in seniors, then you should remain well informed about the various stages of the bed sore. The first phase involves reddened skin and the second phase involves blister formation. Stage 3 is the one where you find the occurrence of an open sore from the point where the blister has ruptured. The fourth and the last stage holds clear signs of dead tissue and infection which may have developed. In the light of the discussion, it may be said that the different treatment options for a pressure ulcer are quite standard. The first step in dealing with similar forms of ulcers is to lessen the degree of pressure that is placed on the body portion. In fact, pressure ulcer is generally formed in areas of bony prominences such as feet, elbows, and back. Finally, the exact treatment plan depends upon the stages of development.

In order to effectively treat pressure ulcers in seniors, it is imperative to keep the area clean and in a totally hygienic condition. Any type of dead tissue formed within the affected area must be removed without unnecessary delay. By doing so, you shall be able to minimize the chances of an infection occurring. In case you find that the affected area has one type of a foul smell, and seems red in appearance or the area around the ulcer is inflamed, then it is a judicious thought to consult a physician as soon as possible. There are certain ways in which you shall be able to prevent a pressure ulcer from developing or getting worse. The most important approach you may follow is to alter body positions as frequently as possible. Also, you ought to carry out a regular and timely checkup to make sure that no new ulcers are formed. Pressure ulcers demand immediate attention and are no laughing matters.

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