In western culture, a bronze colored body is a mark of beauty. It is assumed that people having bronzed colored body are more attractive and have greater sex-appeal than those with fair skin. Not everyone thinks that way and they try every method to save them from tanning. But few think that fair skin is making them less attractive than those with bronze skin. Therefore, the trend of getting tan skin body is popular among youths and adults.  The more obvious way to turn the skin color or tan the skin is to sit under the open sky and get the sun exposure for hours. But various other ways of tanning like melanotan2 peptide are also there.

Sitting for hours under the skin during summer will turn the skin color, and at the same time, your body will get the vitamin D. we all know that the only sun is the source of vitamin D hence taking sunbath is the best way to get it.  But the sunbath, is not only associated with benefits it has some risk as well.

Risks associated with sunbath:

  • Causes skin cancer
  • Causes skin problems like acne
  • Damage skin cell
  • Eye damage’
  • Aging of skin

To avoid the risks associated with sunbath, the artificial methods are gaining more popularity. Celebrities pay dollars in bulk to turn their pale skin into the bronze skin. No doubt, that fair and pale skin color looks good, but celebrities don’t think that way. And whatever they do becomes the trend thus more and more people want the tan skin.

Pale skin looks boring and gives an appearance of a sick person thus the golden skin is the best way to improve your appearance. Therefore, anyone who wishes to look great in these summer days can try the tanning peptide, sprays or go to a salon for getting a tan skin.  All these methods are called as sunless tanning methods since you get tan skin without coming under the shade of sun. Let’s know more about these methods and sunless tanning.

About sunless tanning


Sunless tanning is the process of avoiding sun exposure and using alternative methods to get a darker shade. The process involves the use of sunless tanning products like creams, lotions, toners, etc.

About sunless tanning options

1. Tanning peptide

One famous option to get tan skin faster and easier is to use a tanning peptide. These are available in the powder form and injection as well. The person has to take the dose as per the requirements. The minimum dosage is around 0.25 mg and the maximum dose reach to 1 mg. The Melanotan 2 peptide should be taken as per the skin type. Those who are going to prefer this method will get long-lasting and more effective results than other of the options available.

Melanotan 2 peptide is easy to store and use. They are stable and durable. To store them, put them in cold place, i.e., in the refrigerator.  However, if you are unaware of dose then ask dermatologists about its use.

2. Tanning lotion


Sunless tanning products are creams, gel, lotions, foams, oils, and sprays. To start applying the lotion, wear gloves otherwise your hands will become darker than rest of the body parts. Apply the lotion evenly on body. Throw the gloves after the use and rub some lotion onto your hands.

The biggest challenge with the lotion is that you cannot do it alone, you will require help. Also, you have to apply the lotion every day, or till you reach the intensity of darkness, you required. Apply only one coat in the morning and one at night. After applying the lotion don’t lie down on the bed as it can stain your bedding.

3. Spray tan


Always choose a spray tan has the lower percentage of DHA. Spray products that consist of erythrulose will give a long-lasting effect and produces a natural glow on the skin. If possible then buy the spray tan that contains green pigment in the small amount to balance the color.

Fair skin people can apply the one coat of spray to get the beautiful glow. People with moderate or darker skin have to apply several layers of spray. Don’t overdo otherwise it will look fake. Before spraying, scrub your body to remove the dead skin cells. You can use a washcloth or loofah to remove the dead cells or an oil-free scrub is also good.

You cannot alone do put spray on the body. A professional will do the work very well thus go to a salon. It could be little costly, but if you want to save some money, then the first option is best as it is cheaper than this one.

4. Tanning bed


If you are going to prefer this method, then don’t forget to wear goggles before lying on tanning beds. Beginners who are doing this for the first time can start by spending few minutes inside the tanning beds. Around 7-8 minutes are enough for them whereas those who usually go for this option have to wait for about 8-20 minutes.

These were the methods of sunless tanning. The methods are widely used and are gaining popularity in many countries. Those applying the easy methods like tanning sprays and lotions feel no stress of getting the products. But those who are not aware of the first method may find difficulty in searching for the tanning peptide. So, read below to know how to buy it.

How to buy tanning peptide?

Buying it is not a problem. You can search in the medical store or order it online from stores like lovemelanotan etc. Be careful from the sellers who offer you the fake product. Tanning peptides are fragile, and they are not effective if taken as oral pills or shakes. They broke down during the process of digestion and hence you will not see any outcomes. Instead, take the injection of tanning peptide as they give you the clinically proven results. It is useful for those who do not get the tan skin easily or live in the area where the sun rays do not reach easily.

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