For many years it was mainly women who would invest time and money on grooming themselves, of course men would make sure their hair looked good but there were only a select few who would give time and effort to facial hair. Thanks to the hipster craze, those days are gone and there are more and more men who are rocking a fully grown and mightily handsome beard.

Unlike just stubble, a beard needs to be well cared for, well looked after and well groomed, failure to do so can have a terrible outcome on your appearance. If you are rocking a hipster beard and want to look after it better then check out these tips on making your beard great again.

The Virtue of Patience

When you first start to grow your beard, you need to observe patience and resist the desire to groom, cut or trim it for at least 4 to 6 weeks. This will let those little facial hairs grow evenly and it will also give you a canvas to choose on what length and style you want.

Facial Shape

You’ve probably never given much consideration as to what shape your face is but when it comes to grooming, it is a very important part of the process. If you have a big face then the last thing that you want is a pointy beard, this will only serve to make your face look larger and rounder.

Cut to Grow

If you want that beard of yours to grow then you need to give it a little encouragement and trim carefully or prune it so that it will grow that little bit faster. When you trim the hairs, they will grow far faster than leaving it alone.

Wash it for God’s Sake

For some reason, many men think that the beard will wash itself in the shower, this is wrong and you need to be lathering up the shampoo in that beard of years. A recent study has found that the average beard contains more bacteria than a toilet, not very nice, avoid this by regularly keeping that beard shampoo’d.

Get Oily

Beard oil is the elixir that will make your facial hair great, it conditions the hair, leaves it smelling beautiful and gives it a beautiful, shiny appearance. There are lots of different types to choose from so use trial and error until you get the one for you.

Keep the Diet Right

When it comes to a healthy beard, you need to make sure that your diet is right, a beard is essentially fat and protein and you need to make sure that your diet is chock full of vitamins to give it the best chance of staying strong and looking great.

Train the Beard

If you are looking to sculpt your beard then you are going to need to give it a hand in order to stay in shape. Trimming will help but so too will a daily brush or comb to remind the beard of its responsibilities.

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