Modern interior design is an art in and of itself. Because curation is so precise and specific, you’ll notice that quite a lot of thinking goes into the creation of a modern interior design—although its simplicity makes it appear easy and effortless. The style is easy to identify at first glance, with many defining traits. It originally came about as an opposition to the more ornate, superfluous types of interior design, instead offering overt simplicity.

Modern interior design injects the modern art movement into the home space by way of shape, texture, and color, and the occasional familiar modern art piece. You’ll notice a number of easily identifiable staples of this design style: straight lines, minimal accessories, and a more open and flowing composition. While design had previously used heavy textures, ornate carvings, and varying shades of wood, modern interior design came about as a direct opposition to that. Here are a few of the careful choices that go into creating modern interior design within a space. This style of interior design is on the rise in more urban city spaces, and continuously proves to be the best interior design NYC has to offer.

The composition of the best interior design in a modern realm is something with a more open floor plan. Traditionally, this means a loft or studio-like space where there are no dividing walls within the space, or a space that has conjoined rooms, like an open kitchen and living room. An open space provides a better flow for interior decoration, where the furniture and home decor dictates the separation of areas with clean lines.

You’ll also find features like built-in shelves, which helps solidify modernism as one of the most efficient interior design trends. Built in shelves take up less room, are visually lighter, and allow for less clutter in the space. And as modern interior design aims to move further from a more ‘lived-in’ look, this aids in creating a more open and minimal space.

Additionally, minimalism and modern interior decoration often work hand in hand, as both take a less-is-more approach to home decor. These styles are becoming increasingly popular, you’ll notice some of the best interior design NYC has to offer is predominantly in minimal and modern interior design.

The shapes that fill the best interior design in a modern space are often simple in nature. They are clean and sleek, with no additional clutter or detail to detract from the silhouette. If you are having trouble locating furniture of this nature, an expert interior design service can do this for you. It can be difficult to find pieces without ornamental components or extraneous flourishes, but you’ll find that it is necessary — as the best interior design features pieces that are simple and clean, with geometric shapes as their only inspiration. Interior design trends come and go, but modern interior design is truly timeless because of this simplicity.

The color palettes featured throughout a modern interior design is typically very neutral, using black and white or varying shades of grey in the home decor. Like the lines of the furniture, you’ll also see simplistic color palettes with neutral walls—in fact, you’re hard pressed to find interior decoration of this style with a brightly painted wall. If there is any color, it will likely be featured as an accent color throughout the home decor. This is often a primary color, which is used to break up the neutrals, attract the eye to different points around the room, and provide attention-grabbing statement pieces through color. Accent colors are used in many ways in interior decoration or home decor, like individual pieces of furniture, throw pillows, area rugs, or within unique art.

This style of design, among all interior design trends, requires the use of more specific materials within furniture and home decor. Smaller pieces are made of plastics that give a spare, minimalistic feel, while more prominent pieces like coffee tables frequently feature glossy metals. These high shine materials are prominent throughout modern interior decoration, often using stainless steel, chrome, and other metals in doorknobs, faucets, handles, lamps, and railings for a clean and polished sort of cool. They can also be used in furniture, providing a high shine to table legs or in the frames of other pieces. These metals should appear cold, despite what you may want to incorporate into the design. If you are having trouble with the idea of incorporating spare, minimal materials into the design, look for an interior design service to assist you in your choices.

These components all work together to construct a visible feeling in the room. One that will bring a clean and minimal interior decoration, but have strategically artistic additions that are reminiscent of the modern art movement. Modern interior design is uncomplicated and straightforward, but the difficulty it takes to stick to strictly modern pieces is a job best done by an interior design service like Décor Aid. Thinking about a modern interior design for your home? Reach out and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation today.

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