You can admit it, vaping is complicated, especially if you’re new to the e-cigarette scene. Different kinds of mods have different parts, some are disposable, and it’s nearly impossible to keep it all straight if you’re looking for your first set of vaping equipment. You are not alone in your confusion. Lots of vape users stumble through different brands, sizes, and styles before they settle on the mod they remain faithful to. Luckily, you can skip all of the trial and error.

Start Small

Instead of experimenting with disposables and smaller mods with a lot of interchangeable parts, start with one that has everything you need in a previously assembled package. For example, the CCell Palm Vape Battery is an all in one rechargeable battery that already contains the things you need to get started. All you have to do is insert an oil cartridge and you are ready to go.

CCell Vape also gives you lots of different options so you can branch out as you want to learn more. With refillable and disposable cartridge options, it is simple and easy to try different oils or keep one going once you find your favorite. Box mods, like the CCell Palm, are a great starting point for many reasons.

  • Plenty of vapor strength
  • Long battery life
  • Simple to use
  • More unique and helpful features

Box mods are the easiest to figure out, but they also grow with you. As you learn more and discover what you like, you can find or customize a box mod to match up with those priorities.

The First Step Is the Biggest Step

If you’re still hesitant to invest in a specific kind of reusable vape mod, try a CCell disposable oil pen. Perhaps if you are ready to commit to an investment that will pay off with a higher quality experience from the start, a CCell Palm and Silo battery bundle would do the trick. There isn’t one right way to get the most out of vaping. The first step is to try something new and the rest falls into place.

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