As a business owner, you’ll have to make a wide variety of difficult decisions when it comes to allocating your business’ funds to different parts of your business. If you’re looking to cut your marketing budget in half, in order to save money, Gordon Tang has tips to discover a few of the best marketing budgeting tips, that you’ll ever read.

The best marketing budgeting tips:

  1. Harness the power of social media in order to build a following for your business

If you’re looking for a relatively free way to market your business, it’s definitely worth creating multiple social media accounts for your business. As you’ll be able to use each account to post new information about recently released products and services and will be able to significantly increase your business’ client base.

  1. Make sure that all of your business’ social media posts feature a hyperlink to your business’ website

If you’re wondering how you can convince your business’ digital followers to purchase products and services from your business’ website, simply make sure to feature a link to your business’ website in each of your business’ social media posts.

As an example, if you post photos of a new product on multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, make sure to include a link to the product page on your business’ website. So that your audience will be able to find and purchase the product which you’re advertising with just a few clicks of their mouse or a few taps on their smartphone.

  1. Consider hiring the services of a business mentor

If you’re unsure of how to best go about spending your business’ marketing budget, you may to hire the services of a business mentor, who’ll be able to help you work out a marketing budget, that will make the best possible use of your marketing budget.

  1. Call a variety of marketing companies to get a quote for your next marketing campaign

The best way to ensure that you get the best possible value out of your marketing budget for your next marketing campaign is to call a wide variety of reputable marketing companies. As each marketing firm should be able to give you a rough quote of how much they’d charge to create your next marketing campaign for you.

  1. Consider hiring the services of a final year marketing student

If you’re looking to hire a creative marketer, who will work hard to impress you on a budget, it’s well worth offering a one-off contract to a final year marketing student. Who will be searching for their first big break and as such will be willing to put together a digital marketing campaign on a budget. Which will help you save thousands of dollars. Better yet, if you’re happy with the work which your marketing student produces, you may want to offer the student in question a long-term position as a marketer for your business.

So if you want to cut your marketing budget in half, it’s definitely worth taking all of the advice listed above!

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