Sometimes, on a cold rainy day, you don’t want another book to read. Sometimes you want to be relaxed by digital media. appreciates that sometimes a rainy day requires a relaxing game to give a soothing vibe.

It has set up four games that would be perfect for any rainy day where you don’t feel like reading The Hobbit for the hundredth time.

Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley

Farming might be strenuous work in the real world, but video games have made it a fun, relaxing activity.

If you’re wondering why these two are together, it is because they are practically the same game, down to finer mechanics.

Harvest Moon and its spiritual successor Stardew Valley are based around farming in a small town and forming bonds with the people there.

Harvest Moon and Star one of those games with low stakes where you can spend chores on your farm and ignore the world for a bit.

With a charming aesthetic and a relaxed pace, this is a game to cuddle up to a blanket with.

Harvest Moon is available on multiple consoles

Any Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest has been largely ignored over the years in the states, which is a shame. The games are perfect for a relaxing day.

It was the first JRPG, and while many other JRPGs have changed radically, Dragon Quest has dedicated itself to being the same experience over the decades.

The great thing about the games is how welcoming this makes them. You know exactly what you’re getting every time.

Some may find that boring, but others will find the familiar aesthetic soothing and comforting.

Fans will find something comforting about stories of dragons, chosen ones, and a classic medieval anime aesthetic with art design Akira Toriyama – the creator of Dragon Ball.

If this is you, then there’s good news: there are eleven games to pick from, with the newest being on the PS4 and PC.


Journey made quite stir when it first came out, showing us what games could do if we moved outside our normal perceptions.

There is no combat in Journey, no dialogue, and only the vaguest sense of a story. The most important thing is, of course, the journey.

You play a nondescript nomad with no distinguishable characteristics walking through a desert wasteland.

The game has online capabilities and co-op multiplayer, but can just as easily be played alone.

This game is more about an experience than it is about ‘winning’ or fighting. The game asks only to be experienced.

On a day when you want to relax and move away from the usual violent fare that usually defines video games.

The journey is available on the PlayStation Network.


Yes, Tetris. Or really, any of its similar puzzle games like Puyo Puyo or Bust-a-movie.

On days like those we’re talking about, you want something simple but involving. A day like that is perfect for intensive puzzle games.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Tetris is a classic puzzle game about stacking different shapes into proper blocks.

The game is simple but very intense, and easy to pick up and play. It’s also easy to play in short bursts for those rainy days.

Of course, you may find it hard to put down, as a loss will only make you more determined, and a victory will spur you on.

The combination of simplicity and intensity will draw you in, and the pick-up-and-play nature will mean you won’t have to commit.

Just be careful. Before you know it, it could be midnight.

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