What should you exactly expect when you go for an Oxandrolone-only cycle? Or what should you look forward to while stacking it with other steroids?  If you are a beginner with steroids then you might find it confusing to understand how long it might take the drug to kick in! The fact is, almost all types of steroids start working immediately after their consumption. But you can physically experience the ‘difference’ only after awhile. Unfortunately, very few first-timers in steroids realize that!

What is OxandroloneGood For?

Call it Oxandrolone, or Anavar, or Var, you are not likely to see any drastic change in appearance before your 3rd or 4th week of using the steroid. Perhaps, this is the reason why Oxandrolone receives a bad reputation of being a ‘weak’ steroid. While its effects might be slow, but the result is going to be solid and it is going to stay for a while! What users often miss is that Oxandrolone has many beneficial effects that often go unnoticed. You can expect gaining up to 5 lbs of solid muscle, provided you take 25 mgs of the steroid daily and continue taking it for about 30 days.  It often appears to be nothing significant for an inexperienced fitness enthusiast. But when you give it a thought, then you can see that enjoying 5 Pounds of solid meat, without water retention, refers to a lot of lean muscles in your body. What is more, you will not experience any major weight gain. Plus, the creatine in your body will be better utilized with this steroid. To top them all, this steroid gives you the feeling of getting stronger than ever! Now that does make it earn some extra brownie points, right?

The Bad Effects

On the flipside, taking Oxandrolone for long weeks does not seem to be a good idea. The simple rule is: the more you take it, the more effects you will see. However, this will also expose you to the risk of landing up with side effects. The common spinoffs include hair loss from scalp, male pattern baldness, and increase in body hair, developing deeper voice and toughening of your skin, among others. Just like the other androgenic steroids, it can make your system slack down in the production of testosterone in your body. But unlike its peers, Oxandrolone does not leave any severe effects on your overall testosterone producing capacity. Plus, it does not suppress HPTA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Axis). And even if you suffer from it by any means, then lowering or discontinuing the usage of Oxandrolone will help you to recover very fast!

Fat Cutting withOxandrolone

Among the many beneficial effects of Oxandrolone, very few users know that it can be an excellent option for cutting.  It works amazingly well to burn your body fat. In fact, it is particularly effective in one of the most annoying problem areas- your abdomen! As for incentives, your muscles appear to be more cut and sharper than before. It awards you with an overall leaner physique. Is there anything that you can ask for.

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