For year my housemate and I had struggled with our weight, lat night dates for cheesecake and wine soon added up and we both realised that it was time that we did something about it. I had dieted before in the past and never really been very successful with it because of time constraints, my friend Heather Weber Merrill Lynch employee was in the same boat as I was. After a full and frank discussion to highlight the issues that were preventing us to stick to our diets, we realised that a lot of it was in our heads and so we decide to change our mindset.

I am not in great shape and I exercise frequently and eat well, if you would like to do the same, here is the mindset which you need to overcome your weight issues.

Long Term Change

Many people see a diet as a short term thing which will see them return to their old ways after they have lost a few pounds. If you truly want to improve your life and have a healthier lifestyle, you will never achieve it with this type of mindset. Instead you should consider changing for good with regards to your healthy outlook and when it comes to eating fatty foods or drinking alcohol, you should look to do this only in moderation before returning to your default healthy living.

No Excuses

When the human mind is doing something that it would prefer not to do, it will work around the clock to provide you with an arsenal of excuses. The first thing that you need to think of is that there are no excuses for not exercising or for not eating healthy foods. Just think of what cold happen if you continue down an unhealthy road. Fat body, risk of diseases like diabetes and a general unhappiness whenever you buy clothes, let those facts outweigh the excuses that your mind is putting together.

Changing the Goal Posts

When you first start to diet or exercise, you should do so in a small way so that you can change your habits gradually. If you jump headfirst into a super healthy exercise and meal plan, you run the risk of failure, disappointment and regression to your old ways. Whilst starting small is definitely recommended, you should always make sure that you are moving the goalposts in terms of what it is that you are looking to do. Doing this will ensure that you are always challenging yourself to be better and that you remain focussed and committed to your goals.

It is not easy to change your mindset and there will be pitfalls throughout your intention to change your lifestyle. The key point here is to allow yourself to fail, don’t get beat up about it but learn from it and try again. Changing the habit of a lifetime is not easy at all, but it is most definitely possible.

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