Whether you’re on the hunt for a romantic present for that someone special in your life or you’re keen to buy yourself a bit of bling, you might reach for jewelry featuring charms.

With specialist websites such as https://www.kiguoflondon.com/ offering a dizzying array of sparkling trinkets, there’s certainly no shortage of options. To help you find the perfect pieces, keep reading to discover the true meaning behind some of the most popular charms.

Love and affection

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry to showcase your love for another, you can’t go wrong with the classic heart shape. Arguably the most iconic charm design of all, it symbolises romance, passion and affection. In fact, the heart has represented these emotions right back since the middle ages. Did you know that when it has an arrow spearing it, this symbol is said to represent a heart that’s been captured?

Special memories

When you’re searching for a charm associated with special memories, lockets are hard to beat. Traditionally, these trinkets would have contained keepsakes like small photos or even locks of hair. Although modern versions tend to be miniaturized, they still represent treasured memories – and they’re often passed down through generations as heirlooms.

Guardian angel

For many people, angel wings have a spiritual meaning and they are generally given as a symbol of protection and love. These delicate designs can be used to signify that the wearer has a guardian angel watching over them.


When you want to celebrate a transition from one life stage to another, you can reach for charms featuring butterflies. These insects are known for the amazing change they go through from a caterpillar into a chrysalis and finally into beautiful winged insect. This makes butterfly jewelry a great choice when people are doing things like starting a new career, becoming a parent or moving to a different area.

Good luck

If you’re keen to wish someone good luck, you could reach for feather charms. These designs are associated by many people with fortuity and can be used to give wearers greater confidence about the future.

Want to discover more about the meaning of charms? Check out the ‘What Does Your Charm Bracelet Really Mean’ infographic by Kigu of London.

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