Every man out there that wants to dress to impress needs to be extremely careful with the shoes that are worn with every single outfit. There is nothing that can make or break an elegant outfit like your shoes. Unfortunately, this does mean that you will need to invest more in your shoes as it is close to impossible to look great with cheap shoes. Fortunately, you do not need many pairs. For starters, here are the shoes that you need to have in your wardrobe.

Black Leather Oxford

Always start with black cap toe oxford designer shoes since they are perfect for most possible formal occasions, including job interviews, funerals, weddings and black tie events. Some people will confuse them with the Derby but the difference is in the lacing system. Oxfords have shoe lacing sections sewn close at the bottom.

A pair of black leather oxford shoes works great with professional attires, although it is not at all suitable for a casual occasion. Always buy a pair that has leather soles.

Brown Leather Brogues

This footwear staple originated in Scotland, being originally designed to include holes that would allow water to drain out. Distinctive character is given by brogueing, resulting in a pair of shoes that is highly versatile. Opt for a dark brown pair as it suits most suit colors, with the exception of black, all while working great with jeans and chinos. Brogues are not as formal as oxfords so it is a great idea to consider them for when you go to work. They work perfectly for outfits smart-casual to smart.

Slip On Monks Or Loafers

Every man would benefit from a pair of Magnanni loafers or Magnanni monk strap shoes. They are less formal than the other two types mentioned above. The laceless silhouette of the loafers shoes gives the outfit an elegant design combined with high versatility. Slip on loafers were designed in the beginning for King George VI. Nowadays you want monk strap shoes in your wardrobe, allowing you to easily go sockless if the weather is warm.

Brown double monk strap shoes are the perfect designer shoes for when you can only wear one pair every day since the shoe is comfortable and is great for both smart-casual and smart outfits.

Leather Lace-Ups And Slip-On Boots

The next pair of shoes you want to buy is the leather dress boot. It is dressy and rugged, being versatile for complementing almost all looks.

You can choose out of various options from dressier slip-on boots to lace-up boots to mens cowboy boots.

Leather brogue boots work great with jeans, lace-up leather boots are perfect as a casual touch and Chelsea boots are comfortable and flexible.

Final Thoughts

These shoe types are great for the wardrobe of any man that wants to be stylish but it is always important to focus on quality. There is a huge difference between high quality leather and cheap leather. You will feel it when you wear your shoes, especially for longer periods of time. Also, remember that the best shoes are not at all cheap but they are always a great investment.

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