To achieve success as an e-commerce store owner, there’s no need to have studied for a college degree. The world of e-commerce is very hands on and practical, so it’s completely possible for somebody with no formal educational background to make a big success story out of a new e-commerce venture with the right products and great marketing. However, if you want to maximize your chances of success, then you might be considering returning to school to improve your expertise, build on your knowledge, and take advantage of networking opportunities with valuable business contacts. We’ve listed some of the best degree programs to take if you are an e-commerce company owner.

#1. Finance

Managing a successful e-commerce company is often about crunching the numbers and managing the financial side of things. Without good money management and budgeting skills, even e-commerce businesses with lots of potential can quickly go to ruin. To achieve success, it’s important that the financial side of your business is run correctly. Studying for a degree program such as an online master of science in finance will help you to gain a better understanding of the financial side of your company, allowing you to make better and more educated financial decisions for the future. Along with this, a master of finance online is the perfect option for entrepreneurs since it offers a flexible option for studying that fits well around your business commitments.

#2. MBA

Whilst starting your e-commerce company, you might want to learn as much as you can about all the different aspects of running a business. If you’re hoping to take on a degree program that covers various areas of the business industry and allows you to expand your knowledge of various departments such as marketing, finance, HR, and more all at the same time, then a master’s of business administration is the perfect option. Along with the opportunity to significantly improve your all-round knowledge and expertise when it comes to business, studying for an MBA will also give you a great chance to meet and network with influential business people who could become pivotal to your future entrepreneurial success. Since an MBA covers so many different aspects of business, you’ll have the chance to communicate with experts from all different areas of the industry.

#3. Marketing

If you have some great ideas for your e-commerce company but aren’t sure how you’re going to present them to the public, studying for your college degree in marketing could be the perfect solution. Marketing is a dynamic and exciting degree course that’s fast paced. It is perfect for anybody who wants to truly understand how to get to know their target audience and familiarize themselves with all the latest marketing trends of today. When you study for a degree in marketing, you’ll learn about all the various methods of reaching out to your target customers and building your customer base, both traditionally and digitally.

Whilst a college degree is certainly not a formal requirement for starting your own successful e-commerce company, studying these subjects can certainly help.

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