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We all like to save money as and when possible. Traveling can be really expensive but if you have the right strategy, you can cut down on the cost. Here are some tips to help you on your next vacation and your wallet will thank you.

  1. Choose free activities: When you do some research, you can find a number of free activities in any area. Check out the community calendars and see what is going around the town. Opt for a self-guided walking tour so as to familiarize yourself with a place. There are museums that have free entry and ‘pay what you can’ day in a week.
  2. Save on accommodation: When traveling, you end up spending a significant amount of If you do the right research, you will be able to find numerous holiday homes for rent from Interhome that will help save a substantial amount. You can also choose to eat-in for lunch and splurge on a fancy dinner.
  3. Consider the location of your stay: In a foreign country, transportation costs can add up quickly. This means you need to choose your stay in a central location or near the public transport system. You need to identify the places you want to visit and book a place nearby. This way you will be able to walk anywhere and it will work best for you. If you choose to stay in the city, you need to book a place near a bus stop or a subway.
  4. Carry food and water with you: If you are traveling with kids, you need to ensure that you have snacks and food handy. This will ensure that you do not spend all the money on snacks. Grab a couple of granola bars and throw them in your bag. You can pull them out as and when the kids need food. Also, carry a bottle of water with you at all times. It makes no sense to spend money on bottled water throughout the day. Splurge when it comes to treats which you can find only in that particular area.
  5. Use your miles: There are many ways you can use the miles. You earn miles on flights, hotels and shopping from your card. Use these miles when you are traveling to enjoy a discount on shopping or food.
  6. Buy city tourism cards: Based on the card you own, you can enjoy free entry at some of the top visitor attractions and shops. You will be able to skip the line and enjoy free guidebooks and free public transport. It will be worth the money.
  7. Stay flexible when flying: If you remain flexible when you are flying, you will end up saving a significant sum of your money. You need to be flexible in terms of the time of the day you fly or the seat selection and the number of stops. If there is a layover and it costs lower than a direct flight, opt for it. Check the dates of the trip and see if the prices would go down if you make any changes.
  8. Choose off-season: You will find a cheaper flight ticket and cheap accommodation when you visit a destination during offseason. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy the destination sans the public. The public places will be empty and much cheaper at that time. Just ensure that the places are open.
  9. Avoid eating in areas close to tourist destinations: In many cities, you can manage to cut the restaurant prices if you walk a little bit. If you choose to eat at a restaurant that is right next to a tourist destination, you will end up spending a significant amount on the food. Never eat at the attraction because they raise the price due to high traffic.
  10. Build a budget and follow it: Before you embark on a holiday, you need to sit down and create a budget. You need to know when to save and when to splurge. Eat at a nice restaurant on the last night of the vacation and not every day. Treat yourself at the end of the trip but remain on track throughout the other days.

There are many ways to save money when you are on a trip. However, if you start planning well in advance and keep these ten tips in mind, you will end up saving a significant amount of your hard-earned money. Be wise and spend wisely, no matter where you are headed.

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