You thought about it… We all have, but how do you start? We have all made a few grooming mistakes. We have all had a moment of self confidence issues, even if we didn’t let it show. If you haven’t tried it yet, getting manscaped is an excellent way to boost confidence and feel like a stud.

Great! But What Is Manscaping?

Manscaping is the trimming of the hair on a man’s body for cosmetic purposes. It is when men groom themselves in a thorough and complete manner. It focuses mainly on hygiene and appearance of the man’s hair.

Why Every Man Needs To Integrate Manscaping In His Life

  1. Manscaping Improves Hygiene.Because excess hair traps dirt and bacteria resulting in excess odor and sweat. Cleanness is the top factor that will differentiate how responsible you are compared to other men.
  2. Manscaping Enhances The Appearance Of Your Manhood.Manscaping makes the manhood appear bigger. This will give partners something great to always crave. That is a must to have a strong bond between spouses.
  3. It Highly Improves Attractiveness.Most partners find manscaped men more attractive than unkempt men. Women find it easier to give an oral to manscaped man not only for their great look but also because they are hygienic. Attractiveness is the first consideration every man should enforce in order to enjoy his life and status.
  4. Manscaping Severely Boosts Confidence.Manscaping imparts effective confidence hence giving you a sense of belonging in your career and social life. Earlier studies showed that a smart look enhances the degree of confidence and self esteem.
  5. Manscaping Helps Dignity And Respect, As Weird As That Is!It is essential for a man to shave the excess pubic hair and neck hair in order to receive respect from other people. Remember, people will probably respect you based on the way you look. This reveals that your physical appearance is crucial in determining the degree of respect you earn from others. Being well groomed is as much about how you appear but how you feel about how you appear. Knowing you are a stud makes you a stud.

I Want To Manscape. How Do I Start?

The biggest tip is to get the right tools!

There are various significant products and tools that play a vital role in ensuring that every man achieves the best results in manscaping. These products clean, moisturize and deodorize to give you a perfect look. Again, these tools are modified to give every man a close and refined appearance. They help men, even celebrities manscape in a more easy and satisfying manner.

Electric Trimmer – Beard Shavers Are Not The Same

Electric trimmer is a portable and powerful trimming machine. It fits on the hand hence giving exactness around hard-to-navigate and sensitive areas. It is fast and easier to use compared to other ancient razors.

Crop Cleanser

This is instrument is uniquely formulated moisture and wash hair. Crop cleanser was created particularly for body cleansing and among other high activities. It is infused with hydrators to ensure that your skin will remain moisturized, bright, clean and reinvigorated. This tool is easy to operate and maintain because it is designed using quality technological concepts.

Crop Reviver

Crop reviver manscaping instrument is basically a spray on body toner. It is designed for the most sensitive body parts. Crop reviver has essential features such as witch hazel extracts and soothing aloe that maintain ph levels, proper hydration and perform anti-inflammatory functions.

Crop Preserver

This is a multi functioning moisturizer that was purposely designed for unique needs of man’s most responsive regions. It is made using essential ingredients that protect the skin against bacterial infection as well as enhancing it freshness.

Safety Razor

The principle objective of this instrument is to give every man a close and refined shave. Its custom size built-in guard and single blade facilitates maneuverability and safety. After using electric trimmer, you can utilize this razor for further refinement.

Nail Kit

Nail Kit is a stainless steel tool that gives man’s hand a sophisticated exterior. Each piece was carefully chosen to keep a man’s nails trim and clean. With Nail Kit, you can achieve a desirable nail look that will exceed your expectations.

Remember! You Are Trimming Hair In A Difficult Place.

You Are Not Eliminating It. Stubble Can Be Worse.

Let’s Demystify Some Of Those Manscaping Questions Once And For All!

  1. Your Chestshould be thinned down to a uniform density with nothing showing above the collar. The under arms should also be thinned down. Under arm hair should not be visible when arms are down at your sides.
  2. Back And Shoulder Hairshould not be turned, this implies that they should not be shaved. Instead one should apply wax that will eventually stop their growth. Similar concept should be used to remove unattractive foot hair.
  3. Pubic Hairshould be kept clean and simple every time and not on special occasions only. every side should be trimmed equally to ensure that there is no size longer than one inch. Pubes should be cleaned on regular basis to achieve a high level of hygiene. After manscaping, a great look is usually achieved when then the size of hair is small.

Major Mistakes To Avoid When Manscaping!

We are not perfect, but we have seen too many people making these mistakes not to point them out.

  1. Neck Hair…

– Most men think it is okay to leave their neck hair to grow freely until their next haircut. This is not advisable unless the haircut is done more frequently, like in 2 weeks time, one need to trim their neck hair. This can be done using razor or clippers in front of a mirror.

  1. Multiple Product Usage…

– The other mistake men should avoid while manscaping is application of multiple products on the hair. Hair grooming should be kept simple and uncomplicated. This ensures that the real effect of men’s grooming is attained in an easy and simple way.

  1. Face Moisturizer…

– Most men do not spray moisturizer in their face. Putting some moisture cream on your face helps avoid dry and damaged skin and also prevents premature wrinkles. Failure to apply moisturizer can lead to lead to undesirable facial appearance.

Even though manscaping is very vital based on the above facts, there are various side effects that can lead to serious problems on your health. The following are the top harmful effects of manscapings.

Where Do You Go From Here? Manscaping 2.0?

Once you start really trimming and grooming your “best” regions, you just have to be consistent. Let us hear from you and any of your recent grooming experiences. We all have them, those nicks or uh-ohs are very painful. Laugh a little. Speaking of laughter. Check out the commercials for manscaping. They are the funniest videos ever.

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