Enjoying a holiday at your home by the lake is wonderful but the place could use some updates. In particular, you want to think about renovations that will make the place more energy efficient. Here are five ways you can improve that efficiency and make the place look better at the same time.

Have a Complete Home Inspection

You may have some ideas of what needs to be done, but why not see what an expert has to say? Arrange for a professional to conduct a complete home inspection. The results will allow you to create a list of what needs to be done and prioritize the action items. Starting with the top of the list, work your way down until everything is done. The result will be a summer home that’s more comfortable and will require less energy to keep cool.

New Windows are a Must

As the inspection reveals, the older windows are not doing a lot to keep the summer air at bay. You would do well to replace them with new counterparts early in the home renovation project. A professional can help you consider different window designs and settle on the one that has the look you want and ensures the windows are tight and prevent much in the way of heat transference. Thanks to those new windows in Burlington, cooling the home will be much easier and more cost effective.

Don’t Forget the Doors

Along with the windows, you also want to think about investing in new doors. You may have already considered doing something about the exterior doors but what about the ones inside the summer home? They also have some bearing on how easy it is to cool the interior. Talk with a professional and you’ll be able to choose interior and exterior doors that enhance the ability to maintain the perfect temperature in every room.

Time for New Insulation

Once the new windows and doors  are  in place, consider replacing or at least adding to the insulation found in the walls. New insulation in the attic won’t hurt either.

The insulation will make it all the easier to keep the cool air inside and reduce the amount of seepage while still making it possible to expel the hot air. You’ll notice that the air conditioning has to cycle on less often even on the hottest days. Those areas where it seems to be warmer than the rest of the place will also fade away.

Make Repairs to the Air  Conditioner

Before summer begins, have the air conditioner checked and serviced. If any parts are beginning to show signs of wear, replace them. You’ll extend the life of the unit, reduce energy consumption, and enjoy lower power bills during your summer holiday.

It’s not too late to have your summer place renovated. Contact a professional and start with updating the doors and windows. In no time at all, the place will be the ideal setting for several weeks at the lake or for as many weekend getaways as you can manage.

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