There’s simply no reason for a man to look unkempt anymore. Everyone expects the bare minimum in terms of grooming, regardless of whether you’re a model or an accountant. It’s now much easier pulling off male accessories even if you’re into holster bags or faux nerd glasses.

While men’s grooming isn’t complicated there’s room for error. Here are the top ten grooming mistakes most men make that they should absolutely avoid:

1. Too Much Aftershave

Too much of anything is a recipe for disaster. That’s especially true for aftershave. Make sure you use some, but never overdo it. If your aftershave can be smelt from miles away, you’ve certainly gone overboard.

2. Not using moisturizer

Moisturizer is not a good-to-have. If you want to avoid wrinkles and fine lines as you grow older, start using a premium quality moisturizer right away. Use something that is lightweight, effective, well-reviewed, and containing a bit of SPF.

3. Dry or uncut nails

Overgrown, cracked nails are horrible and the worst part is that they’re really visible. Every once in awhile you may need to get your nails trimmed and cared for by a professional. This way you can keep them looking fresh and avoid fungal infections.

4. Dry Shaving

There’s just no reason to dry shave. None. Not only is it horribly uncomfortable, but it’s also likely to damage your face. Always shave right after a shower or at least splash some warm water on your face before you go ahead and use the razor.

5. Using worn-out razors

If you use disposable razors, pay attention to the first word and ‘dispose’ them after a few rounds. There’s no reason to keep using the same razor for months. It can easily rust and cause a serious infection. Fortunately for the lazy, there’s a striip indicator in most new razors that can easily tell you if the blade is worn out.

6. Too much hair gel

Hair products are recommended because they help your hair retain moisture and look better. Not using products on your hair is, of course, a mistake. But some men take it too far and use way too much. The best way to know if you’ve put too much hair gel is if your hair gets suddenly crunchy (or if people tell you they like your 80’s hairstyle). Tone it down.

7. Ignoring a receding hairline

Male pattern balding is surprisingly common. It all starts in your 20’s. If your hairline keeps receding at 4% every year, you’ll lose half the hair you have now within 18 years. That’s why it’s crucial that you keep an eye on the way your hair is thinning. Try to work with it and stop the pattern before it gets out of hand.

8. Ignoring nose and ear hair

Almost all men’s grooming advice is about the hair on your face and head. No one ever mentions the unattractive hair popping out of your ears and nose. Get a trimmer and keep all the hair on your body in check.

Try to put some effort into the way you look and you’ll be surprised with the results. There’s no better way to boost your confidence and self perception.

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