In the digital age, many online tools can connect child care providers with employers. However, independent nannies need to avoid websites where personal information is not private or where profiles look unprofessional. In large, competitive markets like the GTA, it is important to choose the right tools to connect with families in a protected, efficient manner. Childcare is in high demand in Ontario and there is no shortage of opportunities for nannies, whether you want to work full time or part time, during summers exclusively or year-round. In a market like this, it’s never been easier to find the right position that fits your experience and schedule, you just need the right resources.

The first step to take is finding the right site, one that allows nannies to post a user profile that employers can search by city and neighborhood, as welldozens of details including age group, special needs, experience, language, and availability. A Toronto nanny is able to search thousands of open job postings created by employers, so taking private notes on family profiles will help keep prospects organized. An ideal site offers the ability to annotate profiles with personal notes, a useful tool for recording interview results and other details. It’s all part of streamlining the process of finding childcare professionals, meaning you spend less time waiting to hear back. If a prospective family can quickly note any stand-out features or questions they have about a profile for quick reference later, and save their highest ranked profiles to a favourites list, then they can connect with and return to nanny profiles more efficiently without sacrificing anyone’s personal information on the web.

Not all sites provide customer support for the entire online process, so nannies should look for child care jobs online with sites that offer assistance in crafting an attractive profile and for any technical difficulty they experience with the online matching process. This can vastly reduce the time and frustration involved in searching for a position with a family that suits their needs. One such site,, has a wealth of resources on their blog for both employers and nannies that’s worth checking out before you start crafting your profile.

Another resource offered by better online nanny services is identity protection when potential employers first contact you. The service should provide employers with a toll-free number and PIN you can use to contact them, while your own number and email address will likewise be protected and only available to employers with confirmed contact information, such as on

While online tools may seem like an obvious choice during the initial contact and interview process between families and caregivers, online help does not stop once an offer of employment is made. Once a nanny starts work, there are still plenty of logistical issues that can still be handled online. Anyone who earns income by providing childcare in Canada must register and file income taxes. Payroll support can be handled entirely online, including direct deposit pay along with pay stubs calculating the net pay, taxable income and any CPP and EI payments. Families and nannies can both relax knowing everything is handled if a professional company is filing the necessary paperwork with the Canada Revenue Agency, and that a T4 form will be provided during tax season. Toronto nannies looking for an efficient, safe way to connect with families in Toronto should get online to find tools that help with each step of the employment process.

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