Engagement season is well underway and couples all over the internet are sealing the deal with a ring and an epic proposal. Next comes official engagement photos, “Save the Dates,” and selecting a venue. There’s a lot to get done!

Here’s the deal…

You might think that the bride is the one who the wedding is all about. But guess what? Many grooms these days are just as excited about the nuptial planning as their brides-to-be, and while they may not be into totally running the show, they definitely want to be more involved. One area where the groom gets to shine is with his groomsmen and best man proposals.

Sure, many grooms take the traditional route and just sit down with or call up their friends and ask them to be their groomsmen. Yawn! C’mon, there are so many creative ideas for making this ask way more memorable and more likely to get an enthusiastic “Yes!” So, here are a few of our top tips for making your groomsmen proposal or a best man proposal as awesome as your friendships deserve.

Groomsmen Proposal Cards

No matter how creative you decide to be when you propose to your groomsmen with gifts, somewhere in the mix should be a groomsman proposal card. This is just a little something with the basic information that you can present along with a gift. It’s the go-to card that your groomsmen will refer to down the road when they say, “Wait, when is that wedding again?” so you want to make sure it is clear with the date and names.

Feel free to get snazzy with your proposal card by using a trendy template or a saying that is more than “Will you be my groomsman?” Try one of these groomsmen proposal and best man proposal templates and sayings such as:

  • Suit Up. Tie Up.
  • I found my bride, but I’ll always need my bros.
  • Time to celebrate my romance and my bromance. Will you be my best man?
  • I (mustache) you to be my groomsman.
  • She said Yes. Will you?

Or you can propose to groomsmen with themes like superhero, secret agent, or military mission. Think “This is your mission, should you choose to accept it” type of wording for a fun spin. Or you can keep it simple and earnest with a clear message and information about the big day. Either route you take, the effort of having the card will pay off.

You also want to consider how and where the card will be delivered. Do you want to mail it? Do you want to give it in person at a baseball game, concert, or during a round of golf? One of the biggest parts of being a best man or a groomsman is being part of the team, even before the bachelor party, so getting everyone together may be a good call. Then you can either do your ask during your outing, or you can use the outing as a way to show appreciation for agreeing to be in your wedding.

Groomsmen Proposal Gifts and Ideas

No matter what type of card or approach you decide to take with your proposal, you should include a gift of some type. Here are a few gift ideas along with unique ways you can pull it off.

Take a Bullet for Me

This proposal is ideal for military, gun enthusiasts, police, or anyone who likes the sound of popping the cap off a cool bottle of beer. So, everyone, right?

Prepare the proposal card with the theme of “Take a Bullet for Me and be my groomsman on my wedding day.” Then plan an afternoon at a shooting range or a night out at a local bar. At the right moment, hand out the cards along with these .50 caliber spent ammunition bullet bottle openers.

Order a round or pop open the cooler so your friends can try out their new gifts. These bottle openers are brass, made in the USA, and you can even get a discount when you order in bulk. Get them engraved with up to 3 lines of text with 25 characters (including spaces) per line on each bottle opener for a personalized gift that will help your friends remember the special moment for years to come.

To make this theme extra special for your best man, consider the Best Man Bundle that comes with cufflinks (brass or nickel) and a money clip, all in gift boxes for a smooth presentation. You should go a little above and beyond for your best man and this theme makes it easy to do so.

Brewing Up Some Big Plans

If your crew is more likely to be found at a brewery than anywhere else, consider this beer-themed proposal. First, prepare your proposal card with the beer or brewery theme. Try “Brewing up some big wedding plans and I want you there” or “I need you on tap to be my best man.” Then plan an afternoon at a brewery with some tastings or a tour. When you are ready to propose, hand out these black barrel beer mugs personalized with their names, initials, date, or other text that fits your friendship. Spend the afternoon reminiscing, drinking out of your new mugs, and being the all-around awesome guys you know you are.

Want to take this idea to the next level for a true craft beer lover? Consider this customized growler kit made from a .50 caliber BMG ammo can. It comes in the standard OD green color, or you can choose gloss black or red powder-coated finish. Get the can custom engraved on one or both sides for a beer gift that will not be forgotten.

The Daily Grind

This is a groomsmen proposal idea for those friends you may have met in the office, who love their daily cup of java and don’t hesitate to make a coffee run at any given moment. Prepare your proposal card with a coffee theme such as “I’m amped to ask you to be my groomsman” or “It’s never too latte to say ‘Yes’ to being my best man.” Sometimes, the cornier the better!

Then pair your card with a trip to your local coffee spot and present these custom engraved tumblers with a gift card to help them fill it up. These tumblers are the perfect way to say thank you. They hold 30 ounces and will keep their coffee hot for hours. Get their monogram and a few lines of additional text on the black powder coat finish for a sleek look.

Want to jazz this one up for your best man? How about including a gunmetal gray fountain pen to match his executive status? He’ll know as soon as he holds it in its hand that you went out of your way to get him a quality gift. Smooth and stylish, this pen may also be the one you want to use when you sign your wedding certificate on your big day or have one at your guest book.

Be creative when it comes time to ask your friends to help out on your big day. They’ll appreciate the extra effort and you’ll be assured of getting the response you need to make the day everything you imagined. Still need more ideas? Check out these groomsmen gift guides for every type of friendship and theme!

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