While there’s no doubt that there is still a place for black hat SEO in the eyes of some experts in the field, it would be fair to say that white hat seems to be taking a larger share of the market. The days of every marketing agency under the sun buying links seem to be long gone and instead, most are adopting shrewd outreach tactics.

However, finding relevant people to outreach to is easier said than done. This is why people search services have soared in popularity for this use; they provide a much easier way for people to find the content curator in question.

Bearing this in mind, let’s now take a look at some of the best ways to use these services and get more exposure for SEO campaigns.

Method #1 – Contacting journalists

Over the last couple of years journalists have certainly become one of the first ports of call for those conducting outreach. This shouldn’t come as a surprise either; after all, these are the people who have access to some of the largest websites in the world, and as we all know getting links from such websites is the holy grail of SEO.

While it might be easy to find contact details for some of these journalists, for others it’s anything but easy. This is mainly because a lot of the journalists now work on a freelance basis and as such, don’t have a permanent email address with the newspaper in which their work might have been published.

This is where a people search services enters the picture. You can quickly find the person who has written the article that sparked your interest and ultimately, make that elusive first contact.

Method #2 – Contacting bloggers

In truth, the same rules apply for this next type of contact. Most bloggers do have contact details readily available on their website, but some of the bigger ones make it quite difficult to contact individual writers.

Again, this is where a people search service steps in. Armed with the basic information of the blogger’s name, you can initiate a search and find out the relevant contact details that can be your first step in netting your coverage.

Method #3 – Contacting social media influencers

There are a lot of guides out there at the moment which tell you how to build relationships with big influencers in your niche. Unfortunately, these big influences have gotten wise to the processes and a lot of the direct messages that you ping over on Twitter and the like are simply ignored.

This is where you need a slightly different approach, and a people search service facilitates this again. Using the same methods that we have detailed previously, it’s all about finding their name, and probably their location, and sending either an email or making a phone call to try and get your content circulated accordingly.

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