There are so many ways to earn money online right in the comfort of your own home. While many are struggling to earn a decent amount now that the world is experiencing a pandemic, many are enjoying the benefit of working online especially those that have already started before the occurrence of COVID-19. Listed below are some of the ways you can earn online.

Blogging – many stay-at-home parents and even working individuals do not only enjoy blogging but also are earning a decent amount to support their families daily needs. There are a lot of ways to monetize a blog including adding Google Ads to it. One should have a Google AdSense account to earn from it. Another way of monetizing a blog is through accepting sponsored posts from advertisers. Advertisers are willing to pay a certain amount for a post with their desired keyword and link incorporated to the post. Advertisers can be a particular brand, a website like, a store, a service provider, and more. Bloggers can also do affiliate marketing to monetize their blog, and Amazon Affiliate is one of the most popular for affiliate marketers.

Ghostwriting–ghostwriting is another popular way of earning decent money online at home or anywhere you want as long as you have the internet and a computer. The target market for this type of work is the blog owners who are busy enough to write an article, E-book authors that need help in writing an entire book, and those article marketers that need articles of different topics.

Virtual Assistant–Virtual Assistants are becoming popular since more or less than two decades ago. These types of jobs require the worker to do office tasks in a work at home settings. Target clients for this type of job are family business owners. However, with today’s situation, many of the big companies are allowing their employees to work from home. One example of it is Intel.

Social Media Manager–being a social manager is highly in demand with today’s online world we are in. These types of jobs will take charge of the company’s social media accounts from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter to LinkedIn and a lot more. Clients for this type of job are wide enough from Big Companies to Individuals who want to improve their social media presence.

SEO Manager–the SEO Manager is the one responsible for taking care of the ranking of a website in search engine sites. They should make sure that the website of their clients is visible on the first page of search engine sites like Google and Bing when an internet user will search. Clients for this type of job are everyone with a website.

Online Teacher–being an online teacher is becoming in demand now that many of the students from non-English countries want to learn English. Normally online teachers teach English as Second Language or ESL to students from non-English Countries like China, Japan, and Korea to name a few.

Online FOREX Trading–online FOREX trading is a promising way of earning a decent amount online at home. As its name suggests, you will be buying and selling foreign exchange. This job needs learning, training, lots of discipline to succeed. You can learn online but it would be best if you will train personally from experienced traders.

Online Stock Trading–stock trading online is similar to FOREX trading. The difference is, traders for stocks will be buying and selling shares of publicly listed companies to the stock market like the New York Stock Exchange. One can also make a self-study for stock trading by reading books and some videos available online. However, it would be better if the trader will go learn trading personally from the training provided by experienced traders and financial institutions.

Betting Online – online betting is a fun thing to do while earning money online at the same time. There are lots of online games from one can choose from including slots, poker, bingo, and more. It is important to keep in mind though that losing money from betting online can be possible. Thus, it is important to watch out of their losses or better yet be very smart in playing to win a big amount.

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