West Coast Better Homes has made it its mission to provide the West Coast with the best homes services available. This includes roofing, patio covers, and windows. The company has an extensive portfolio with various videos as testimonials to the excellence of their service and how they have made the lives of people in Burbank, Los Angeles, Malibu, and Santa Monica much better. They, like many other companies in the state, believe that there are a number of benefits to having wooden windows.

West Coast Better Homes on Wooden Windows

There is a huge array of choices when it comes to choosing windows. While wooden windows and wooden frame windows are popular, there are also PET windows, UPVC windows, aluminum windows, plastic windows, and glass windows.  Indeed, there are so many possible options that the average consumer often feels somewhat overwhelmed about which one to choose. There are pros and cons to each option but wooden windows have some of the greatest benefits, due to their unique look that is both modern and traditional.

One of the greatest benefits of wooden windows is that they are often better at insulating rooms than plastic or glass windows. Furthermore, they look beautiful, particularly in homes that have a natural feel to them. While some people find them somewhat old fashioned and antique, this is also exactly what attracts a lot of other people to them. Wood is a natural material and it is excellent at saving energy so long as it’s constructed properly. This means it does have to include a high quality weatherstripping package. Wood windows are modern nowadays, and they come with warm edge technology and low e glazing, and inert gas is included between two panes to not just make a home more energy efficient but also to prevent noise pollution.

Most people choose wood windows because the material itself is so incredibly beautiful. The frame is available in a variety of colors and it is possible to paint them so that they fully match the decor and overall look of the property. Additionally, there are many interesting designs available, including custom-made windows, sash windows, circular windows, and arches. Indeed, whatever someone’s taste or need maybe, there is a wood solution available. It is for good reason that wood has been used for hundreds of years in homes, including because it is so easy to clean and so easy to retreat the material.

Would can stand the test of time and last for years if treated properly. It is also very easy to fabricate, regardless of the required size and shape. Wood is surprisingly strong particularly when compared to its weight. Also, it is much easier to preserve wood regardless of the climate. The only real downside, which is of particular importance in California, is the fact that it has a low fire protection rating. That said, it is possible to treat wood so that it becomes more resistant to fire, thereby keeping properties safe.

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