Today many people still think that online casinos are fraudulent and that they manipulate the games in some way. In the early days of virtual casinos, there were surely some scam casino sites and maybe there are still similar cases. However, the regulation of online gambling in recent years in Europe has changed the situation a lot, as in US. In fact, a player can have these major problems in an online casino:

– Manipulation of results in games
– Payments with delays
– Account blocking without authorization
– Conditions of unfair bonuses

How to be sure that there is no manipulation in games

Each player has different experiences in casinos and the results are of course different because legal online casinos use Random Number Generator (RNG). Some country-based
regulators and certifiers are well visible on all regulated and legal pages for almost all players. The stamps of the other entities can be found only in the best casinos because they are a guarantee of high quality and honest and safe play.

Delayed payments – How long does the processing of withdrawals last?

The processing of withdrawals in different casinos does not have a regulated period because each casino has different terms. In addition, the time to process a payment also depends on the status of the player in the casino because VIP players receive personalized treatment and a preferential processing of withdrawals. However there are some things that can be summarized for all reliable online casinos.

Financial transfer

The time to process money depends a lot on the financial provider because each of them has its own processing time. Electronic wallets usually process deposits and withdrawals immediately, especially if the deposit and withdrawal have been with the same payment method. If for example you use your PayPal account to deposit and withdraw money from the Internet casino, the transfer happens in just a few seconds. Now, it is not the same when the deposit has been made with a payment method, for example a prepaid card, and then the withdrawal is made with another payment method. In these cases, the casino always makes a verification of the player’s identity and the processing usually takes a minimum of 1 day and up to a maximum of 3 days. If the withdrawal is made with a check, then the wait is much longer and lasts one or two weeks because it is sent by postal mail.

Processing time

The processing of all money transfers has a length of time that depends on the casino’s financial staff. This includes the preparation of sending money, preparation of documentation, identification of the player and also the implementation of measures against money laundering. All this depends on the time of organization of the staff inside the casino but as a rule it does not usually last more than 3 working days. In cases when the payment of the casino is delayed for more than 3 days and even more than 6 days, then it can be a dishonest casino case that simply wants to wait for the player to cancel the withdrawal to play with the money earned. Although this is not considered illegal, a similar behavior is a bit irresponsible and not very honest. When a player wants to withdraw money from his casino account, he should receive it immediately and not wait until he cancels his wish to withdraw.

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