Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world with over 61.1 million players worldwide. The sport is even gracing our TV screens this month from USA. The PGA is causing a stir amongst fans and those interested in US PGA betting .

With such an impressive following and a number of luxury, high class clubs opening how can the novice player choose the best place to swing their club? Here are our tips on choosing a golf club

Check out the Course

There are many different kinds of golf courses that vary in difficulty so it is important to pick the right course in comparison to your ability. These vary from the amount of par 5s and par 4s for example.

It is also worth noting the size of the course and number of holes. Standard is eighteen but some courses only have nine.

Location, Location, Location

The location of a golf course is important to the specific member through many different ways. It is important to check the distance you are travelling in order to get there and whether this will affect the amount you can play. This is important in order to gauge whether the membership will be value for money.

Some courses also have the added benefit of being in beautiful settings such as the famous Scottish courses. There are many amazing scenic views from golf courses throughout the world and this can have a big impact on whether to join a certain club. If this is a key interest of yours it should be taken in to consideration on which club you wish to join. A prime example being whether it is the likes of Bay Harbour Golf Club in Michigan in the USA that looks over the sea which is renowned for its picturesque views.

Memberships Fees

When joining a golf club look at the different memberships available as the prices will vary. In some cases if you are looking to join as a family it’s important to check the rules of the specific club as they may have family or junior memberships available.

Membership fees can vary massively with exclusivity of many clubs so it is important to check how much different clubs are and whether they are a viable option.


Many golf clubs are not just about the golf they also provide a positive social experience for men, ladies, seniors and juniors. There are many different events hosted such as competitions, tournaments, teams and socials. The different social events can include quizzes, event nights and an annual captain’s ball for example.

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